Jul 28, 2014

Relaxing in Red River

Some people like to Go, Go, Go on vacations and see all the sights you can see.
Some people like to go on vacation to RELAX.
Both vacations can be very fun and are welcomed, but on this vacation we RELAXED.
We traveled to the mountains with my family, my parents and 2 older sisters, their husbands and kids, to Red River, New Mexico.
My husband said yesterday, "That was the most relaxing week of my life."
Now you might not think that it is possible with 8 adults and 9 kids under the age of 10 all in one cabin, but it was. What a wonderful, relaxing, refreshing, fun, loving week!!!
After a long drive in the cars - they were excited to say, "WE ARE HERE!"
The weather in Red River is so beautiful. Warm during the day (highs around 83) and sweatshirt weather at night (in the 40s).
So much family time to relax and enjoy.
The kids' favorite part of the whole vacation was playing in the river that ran through the cabin's backyard. It was freezing (probably in the 40's) but they didn't care. They played in this all day!
At night we built a fire and had s'mores.
Biking in the mountains with 10 people?! Ya, that was tough work. But quite funny and fun. We had so much fun with my sisters and their families!
The kids found sling shots at the toy shop in town and we all had fun trying to hit targets with them.
Going on a bear hunt!
It was so nice to get away and enjoy these 3 little faces all day!
There was no cell reception and the wifi was horrible, and I really loved not having my phone attached to my hand all week. I deactived my Facebook at the beginning of the week and deleted my Twitter and FB apps off of my phone. I don't know if or when I will be back on those social apps. I'm going to do my best to keep up with blogging and texting with friends and family instead. I loved the "hands free" week and I am looking forward to extending that!
I love my family and this vacation was one my heart will always remember.
Relationships grew stronger and we all really enjoyed one another.
So many special memories made. No one was ready for the week to be over!
I Love My Family!
Best Buddies!
These kids play together so well and are all so kind to one another. They are the best 9 little people I know.
Special time with these 3 little ones.
Braycee was so funny telling stories in her mind. Those big brown eyes are so expressive.
Do we have to go?!
GoodBye Red River! Until next time...

A special and big thank you to my parents who rented the cabin for us all to stay in! This trip was so awesome and I cried when we had to leave. Living 4 hours from my family is tough at times! I miss them, but am so thankful for the relationships we have and that we are able to take trips like this! Next year we are looking at going to Orange Beach!


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