Jul 31, 2014

I Like My Kids and I'm Not Ashamed to Shout It

I just finished reading a blog post from a blogger who delivers post after post of encouragment and hope to women and mothers. You can check her out here: Scissortail SILK

Her post from yesterday is titled, Dear Negative Parenting Articles, My Kids are Awesome. The first line in her post is, "My kids are awesome. Please stop trying to convince me that they are anything else."

This post made me smile and was so encouraging to read. Why? Because my blog is filled with 100's of stories of how awesome my kids are, how I love being married, and that my family is pretty dang cool. But sometimes I worry that I am too positive. (Is there such a thing?) Or that it will look like I'm just trying to paint a picture. I try my best to always be real and honest, but sometimes I worry that if I don't throw in those "woe is me, life is hard" posts that it'll look like I'm being fake and I won't relate to a lot of people going through this parenting thing with me.

The truth is: parenting is hard. marriage is hard. ... hard WORK that is.

Children have their good days and their bad days just like the rest of us. They are slow when you need to go fast. They are messy right after you clean. They cry when it seems most inconvenient. And they always find you when you're hiding in the bathroom.

For example while I'm typing out this post, I am cooking supper (spaghetti, oh the mess of dishes it creates) and holding a crying, fussy baby. My husband is at a work meeting, and my other 2 are being very needy. And I am tired.


But no matter how tired I am or how needy my children are acting, I will always shout that my children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord. And I refuse to see them any other way.

"Children are a blessing and a gift from The Lord." Psalm 127:3

God has intrusted to me 3 beautiful little ones to love and care for. He has given me the responsibility to train them, guide them and pray for them daily. I am their Mommy on their good days and on their bad days. And I love them unconditionally every day. And luckily, they love me unconditionally, even on my bad days. (Even when they don't know how to show it.)

When Jonathan and I first got married and we started thinking about growing our family, I sought out advice from other mothers around me. I was told that "children ruin your life" and I was convinced that being a mother was the worst thing I could choose to do. I wasn't sure why anyone had kids. I remember crying and calling one of my older sisters and asking her, "You like being a mom, right? Do you like your kid?"

I decided even with all of the negativity around me that I was ready to be a mother and I wanted to try this parenting thing out for myself. Eventhough I was scared out of my mind that I would hate it and my life would be over as I knew it.

(I want to encourage you to not listen to the negativity in your life. We are faced with trying new things daily that we aren't sure we will like or be good at. But sometimes we need to figure it out on our own. And not be scared. Are we listening to God's voice or can we not hear him from all those voices around us?)

And I love it. I am excited to be Mom for the rest of my life.

Please don't hear me wrong. I'm not saying don't have a bad day and if you do and you say something negative about it or your child than you're a bad mother. Just the opposite. I'm saying, let's be positive and encourage one another. Let's let our children know how special and worthy they are and how much we want them and love them.

I am thankful that I read Scissortail SILK's post today and for the encouragement it gave me that it is ok - no it is great - to always try to be positive. That as long as I am being honest and real, that I will relate to other mothers and be an encouragement. Now once again, don't hear me wrong, we have bad days in our house. Bad, ugly, crying, whining, need a do-over day. Days where I need a break or want to hide in my room and cry. But there is never a day I am not thankful to be "Mommy". There's not a day that goes by that I wish I had someone else's life.

I love my beautiful, messy life.



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