Jun 22, 2014

Making Memories Summer Style

This past week the girls got to stay with their Pop and Mimi and go to VBS with their cousins!
They had a BLAST!!!
Jonathan, Zeke and I had a quiet week.
Nonnie and Papa's new pool was ready to be swam in and we enjoyed it, everyday!
Someone that came over asked if I was preparing for a garage sale, I had to laugh and say, "Nope! Just getting caught up on laundry." My laundry baskets are finally empty.
Zeke is just like his Papa and likes to watch TV.
So, Zeke and I watched several episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.
We got to hang out with some friends on their dock on the lake - which was so fun and relaxing and we got a surprise call from the girls. I love FaceTime. They were enjoying some ice cream and cookies before bedtime. I think they got a little spoiled at Mimi and Pop's house!
My sisters were awesome and kept sending me pictures of the girls. This was the longest I've been away from the girls so I really appreciated being able to see what they were up to! Obviously, they were having fun!
More swimming! Zeke is such a chill baby. He likes being in the water.
My nieces, nephews, and girls!
Love that they got to create this memory together!! I'm thinking this will be an annual thing!
I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to my parents and sisters for creating such a fun week for all of the kids and for letting the girls come and stay with you all!
This week was quiet and I enjoyed a lot of one on one time with Zeke and during the day. Jonathan and I relaxed every evening and I also got to hang out with my girlfriends every night and enjoyed a pedicure. It was a great week, but
Daddy and I were VERY excited to have the girls back and be all together againq!
Now I'm just getting adjusted to all this noise again! I love my silly, weird kids!



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