May 21, 2014

Sno Cones and a Wedding

What a fun weekend! A busy one spent with family and friends.
First stop: a photo shoot of our 3 kids! I can not wait to see the pictures. Don't worry, I will share when I get them. The kids were awesome. We had been in the car for 4 hours and went straight to her studio. Waited 30 minutes and then had a 2 hour shoot. They are so cute and all the color in the pictures has me so excited.
Brayce just being Brayce
Saturday evening my parents watched the kids for us and I got to go on a date with this hottie husband of mine.
Our favorite date spot is Barnes and Noble. We enjoyed some Starbucks (I get the cafe vanilla light frappuccino.) and bought a few books.
And then we headed over to a chapel to celebrate one of my childhood friends getting married. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was gorgeous in every way.
We've all been friends since elementary school. Love these girls.
We had a lot of fun visiting with my friends that I only get to see about once or twice a year and hanging out at the reception without the kids. However we didn't get home until midnight that night and we were wiped out for days after that. We aren't the young party animals we once were.
Jonathan preached at my parent's church and then we ate at my favorite burger place. Then we had a fun filled day with these cute kiddos!
I love my sweet nieces and nephews and of course my 3 kids as well. My parents have 9 grandkids under the age 10. These little people are the best bunch of kids I've ever been around. I just love them all to pieces. And they are pretty cute, too!


I'm so thankful we were able to go home and see old friends and catch up on life with them and spend a lot of quality time with my family. Plus, I love getting away with my husband and all the attention he gives me.

My love tank is full.

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