May 29, 2014

Love Me This Way



Today Brayce came up to me after getting herself dressed and declared,

"Daddy, is going to love me this way!"


I looked over at her and she was twirling ever so slightly in her dress. You could see how proud she was of herself. Her confidence from knowing that her Daddy loved her showed in every twirl of her dress.


I want to have that kind of confidence in knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me "this way" - just the way I am.


That's the way Braycee's Daddy loves her - unconditionally. He thinks she is the most beautiful, joyful, and funny girl. And ladies, that's the way our Heavenly Daddy loves each one of us, too!


So be confident, girls! Twirl those dresses (or if you're like me, those yoga pants!), flash that smile, and be confident in who God has created you to be.


I am still learning who God has created me to be, but my 3 year old taught me something today. No matter what, I can have confidence that my Father is going to love me, for me! So I can be slightly dorky, a little lazy (hello, 7 laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be folded), and a messed up mom who makes mistakes daily and He is still going to call me His Beloved Daughter.




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