May 23, 2014


School's out for the Summer!!!
Today Kairi completed Pre-K! HOORAY! This morning they had a red carpet award ceremony in their classroom. It was pretty cute seeing all the kids get an award.
Kairi's award made her Daddy and I giggle. She received the Skittles Award
"For being the class fashionista who wore a rainbow of colors to school."
If there is one word that I would use for Kairi it's RAINBOW. She LOVES everything rainbow. (Including that bag of Skittles.) ALL of her drawings are rainbows. Rainbow clouds, rainbow tornadoes, rainbow monsters, mermaids laying under a rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow.
And yes, her closet is FULL of color! She has such a unique style.
Kairi brings so much color to my life. Red for her love. Yellow for all the SUNSHINE. Green for her playfulness and childlike faith. And purple for her girly side.
Kairi has learned a lot this year. We are excited to spend time with her this summer reading with her and continuing on what all she was taught in PreK. (This mommy needs to visit Pinterest for some educational fun summer ideas.) I appreciate her teachers for investing in her life.
After we left the school at 11 we declared it was a FAMILY FUN DAY!!!!
The very first thing the girls wanted to do was go see SUE! (Kai's been pronouncing her name Zoo.)
We took the kids out to eat at Pizza Hut - oh my buffet. Too much! But yumminess.
Then we visited our local book store for the first time. The girls had fun playing with all of their Melissa and Doug toys they had sitting out.
I got Kairi a new book. Reminding her to always be herself and to congratulate her for her year at PreK being the fashionista!
Then it was time for the REAL FUN!!! The Jump Station
She's crazy excited for Summer!
Zeke was adorable! He LOVED being on the jumpy things. He went down the slide with his Daddy and played on the pirate ship with his sisters. It was so cute, the girls were wrestling and he was watching them and smiling the biggest smile and wouldn't stop "talking" to them.
Now we are at home and everyone is taking naps (they wore themselves out jumping!) and I'm not sure what fun will follow!
But I do know 1 thing! This Mommy is EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!!



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