Mar 27, 2014

Zeke 1 month

Wasn't I just begging time to go by faster and hurry up because I was ready to meet my little guy?

End of pregnancy can really wear a mommy out. So about 37 weeks pregnant you start willing time to pass by...


Well, I can not believe it has been 1 MONTH since Zeke was born!



We are enjoying each day. Sure, sleep isn't as plentiful as it was and my schedule and free time has changed a lot and now almost all of it involves taking care of a newborn. But I wouldn't want it any other way because all of that means I have my little man. Zeke came into our family and is a perfect fit. The girls adore him and he has stolen this mommy's heart!!!


Noah Zeke 1 month

10 lbs 6.5 oz
You are a good little boy. And quite handsome! You look like your daddy. You are still wearing newborn diapers and clothes, but are just about fitting into 0-3 months. You are growing so fast. You wake up at around 2 am and 6 am every night for a bottle. Your daddy takes the first shift and mommy takes the 2nd shift. You stay awake for about 45 minutes to an hour. You eat 4 oz every 3 hours and you are a bit of a snacker.
You like to ride in the car and will quickly fall asleep even if it's the short ride to church that is 1/2 a mile away. You are a great traveler as we have been on a 4 hour car trip already. However, you do not like stop signs. Keep moving. I am very thankful for our minivan because it fits our family perfectly. You may be little but you require a lot of stuff.
Your sisters adore you and are big helpers. They like to hold you, feed you, and burp you. But I can not talk them into changing your stinky diapers, and yes they stink. Sissy has given you the nickname "Zekers Squeakers" - I am sorry if that sticks with you for your whole life, but it's just too cute not to call you that.
You spend most of your days being held and snuggling with mommy, but also like to be in your swing, the car seat, and your rock and play sleeper. Oh, and when Mommy shares Daddy likes to hold you, too.
It's been a fun month and you are a perfect fit into this family. We love being a family of 5.



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