Nov 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I'm not sure when I got old enough to be 29, but apparently it happened. I just celebrated my birthday - #29. My last in my 20's.
2 of my very best friends - my Hubby & Stacy surprised me with a trip to OKC to see the Thunder play basketball! Mark #4 off of my list.
What a fun time we had! We left our kids at home - well with Papa and had a night away with each other and our friends Stacy and Lance.
Look at these awesome seats we got to cheer on the Thunder from. This was Jonathan and my first Thunder game to see and I definitely became a fan! We had SO much fun! I wish we lived a little closer so we could go more often!
I may be 29, but I still feel young. I couldn't be happier with where God has led my life to.
So thankful for this wonderful, Godly friend of mine!
Ok, not only did my love and I get on the Kiss Cam on my birthday, but look where we got to spend the last minute of the game PLUS overtime!! Floor seats!!!! No stinking way. Too much fun!
I definitely felt like a special birthday girl!
And the Thunder even celebrated my birthday, uh, I mean their win - with confetti!
So thankful for my husband and friends for this special birthday celebration that I won't ever forget - until I'm like really old and barely can even remember my own name.
Turning 29 rocked.
Somedays I can't believe I am still in my 20's though. I feel a million years older and wiser than I was when I was 20. I am married. I have 2 beautiful girls. An angel baby. And a son growing inside of me that I will get to meet in 2 months. God is my everything. I am so happy with my life, where we live, my family, and who I am as a person. I am excited to see what this year will bring.



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