Oct 23, 2013

We Didn't Want it to End

We were having too much on Fall Break to stop!

On the way home from Branson, we decided that the girls and I would keep driving and go see my family for Josh's 6th Birthday! The girls were so good in the car! A total of 12 hours of travel time that day. Girls were sooooo excited to go see their Mimi and Pop they didn't care how long they had to be in the car to get there.

Girls enjoyed a couple movies. Mommy did not enjoy driving in the rain.

Mimi and Pop waited up for us to get there and we didn't go to bed until 11:30. The girls were too excited. I was really happy to see my parents, too!
The next day we went to Josh's Halloween Birthday party.
My little witch and her black (striped) kitty.
Some birthday party fun! Pizza, games, prizes, and cousins
Lots of cousin FUN!
I love these little people!! What fun cousins!
FAMILY: My mom, 2 sisters, dad, and me
After the party my sisters, niece and I went to the city to go shopping and spend some quality time together. So FUN!!! We hadn't done anything like that in years and I was so grateful for the time we had together.
I was happy to share my bed with this little cutie that night. She woke up exhausted and in pain from her legs. A few snuggles, hot rice packs, and some medicine and she was all better. Such a long day of FUN, playing with her cousins.
The next day we went to church and then everyone went to my favorite place to eat before we had to head home.
Back in the car. The girls slept the whole way home!! 3 1/2 hours


This trip home was such a good visit. It was a time of healing and growing in relationships. I love my family so much and loved the time I got to spend with them this past weekend.


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