Oct 5, 2013

Go Daddy, Go!

If you want to love (verb: action) your spouse, love what he loves. Be interested in it and even if you don't participate in the hobby - BE there. Care. Ask questions to learn. And CHEER HIM ON!!!

Men love to do things SIDE by SIDE.

Today I was very excited to get to cheer my favorite guy on while he did something that he loves. BIKE.
He participated in a race called a duathlon this morning -- which is a RUN (3.1 miles), BIKE (13.5 miles), RUN (1 mile) race.

My husband started biking just over a year ago and quickly fell in love with it. We were soon visiting bike shops every chance we got and then got him a really nice bike that he loves.

After about 6 months of biking consistently, he kinda fell off of the wagon and onto the lazy train. I take a lot of blame for that - I stopped working out and eating right, I got side tracked from being healthy when we were trying to conceive. (Why I did that, I have no idea and I won't go into it on this post at least - I'm sure it'll be a post to come tho). This is just another great reason why you should participate in each other's hobbies! Support & motivate one another. 

But anyways, about 2 months ago a friend text Jonathan and said that he was moving back to town and was going to need a biking buddy. Just what Jonathan needed! A friend to pick him up to get going again!

They have been biking 2x a week together for the past month or so and Jonathan is finding his love and passion for riding again! Just in time, too! Because today was the duathlon!

I was very excited that the girls and I could go with him to cheer him on!

We woke up today to a VERY cold morning (51 degrees) and a 50% chance of rain. 
(It was 90 degrees yesterday!!) We didn't care though we were all excited!

I love being his #1 supporter!

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!
First up was the 5k run. Jonathan finished this just under 30 minutes.
His biggest little fans! Go Daddy, Go!!!
High fives for Daddy!

Jonathan's biking friend gave him a gift last night. Something Jonathan has been wanting for a year now! Clipless pedals!!! I am so happy for him and thankful for this man that did that for my husband! Jonathan had a smile as big as a kid on Christmas morning.

He practiced last night in the grass (and only fell a few times before getting the hang of it) and he decided he would use them for the race today!

Ready for his 13.5 mile bike ride!

The girls and I snuck away to play in the van while Jonathan rode his bike. (For about an hour)

So warm and cozy! Lots of room to play! I already don't know what we did before we had a minivan! I am so happy to be a minivan driver. WHOA. Never thought I would say that!

I LOVE this App to be able to stalk my husband. Ok, just kidding. Not stalk him, but it app is called FIND FRIENDS. And I was able to see how far away he was on his bike and track his route so we would know when to get out of the van to be able to go cheer him on again, in the cold.

Here comes Daddy!

1 more mile run after the bike portion and then he is FINISHED!

I couldn't be more proud of my husband for doing what he loves and getting back at it! Choosing to be healthy and working hard. I'm going to do my best to encourage my husband and to keep biking. I know the joy it gives him. Have you encouraged your spouse lately to do what they love?! 

Your girls will always be your biggest fans!!!

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