Oct 22, 2013

Fall Break 2013

Sometimes I blog for my readers and sometimes I blog for myself. This is one of those times that I am blogging for myself. I love being able to look back through my blog over the years and see how I have changed, how my family has grown, and all the fun things we have done.
I finally realize why parents are so excited for the weekend and for school breaks. Kairi has been in school for 2 months now and we just got to celebrate Fall Break. 3 days of no school + a weekend = WooHoo!!!
I love when my family is all together and this Fall Break we got to spend it together having fun with our good friends the H's. We went to Branson and had a nice relaxing few days! I got some girlfriend time in, some one on one with my kids, and alone time with my husband. I couldn't have asked for more! Loved it!
We traveled to Branson on Wednesday morning and stopped at the outlets to do a little shopping for Baby Zeke. Old Navy + Carters + Children's Place = YAY! Baby Zeke is hooked up!
My little shoppers!
After we did a few hours of shopping we headed to the house we were staying at to meet the H's. Wow, this house was GORGEOUS! We got settled in and the girls got busy right away playing - they play so well together. Ages: 2, 4, 5, & 9. I made chili for dinner that night and it was yummy! Perfect dinner for the weather -- was so nice, mainly in the 60s the whole time.
The next day we had a lot to do --- go swimming. :)
Yes, we went swimming in October. The pool was slightly heated and everyone had a great time!
My new favorite pic!
Back to the house to do more relaxing!!!
These silly kids had a fun Fall Break!!
Love my little beauties!
How can you not be relaxed somewhere like this?!
Oh, Braycee!
The love of my life! I fall more in love with this man everyday!
I am so thankful for him and how he is such a family man.
My Family of 4 1/2
A movie room in the house?! WHAT! Can I have one?
Putting make up on with mommy!
This is my good friend Lynn. Thank you for being my friend and wanting to spend your Fall Break with our family!
Friday we checked out and headed back home. But of course first we needed to do a little more shopping at Target and then lunch at Fuddruckers.
Can you see the happiness and laughter?!
The girls had so much fun they slept the whole way home! 2 1/2 hours! We love our cozy minivan!
I may or may not be counting down the days until Thanksgiving Break.



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