Aug 12, 2013

When I Grow Up I Want to be... A Circus Girl

I can't believe it's here. What's here? The first week of school. In 2 days, we will start a new routine for our family. Summer will come to an end. We will actually have to wake up and get out of bed early. Get out of our pajamas and start our day. My 4 year old is starting PreK. I am nervous for this new change, but I do think it's going to be great. Kairi will love it and learn so much. I'm excited to hear of the tales she'll come home with. Brayce and I will have alone time and I am excited for that because she is one funny girl. We will miss Sissy being at home with us, but we prayed about it and as a family we think this is the right thing to do. So we are finishing up the last 2 days of summer by sleeping in, watching movies, and staying inside out of the rain.


But we did have one last hoorah to end our summer. This past weekend my MIL came home from London and she wanted to take a family trip. We usually head about 2 hours north of us to Branson, but we thought heading down to Dallas would be a fun change! Thursday afternoon Papa, Nonnie, Jonathan, the girls and me made the 6 hour drive to Dallas with a car full. The girls are such good travelers eventhough we had to answer "Are we there yet?" about 75 times.


Friday we went to IKEA!!! Have you been to IKEA before? If so, you know the excitement that comes with that. Jonathan and I found some fun things to help us decorate our new house. We ended up spending about 3 1/2 hours in IKEA. Next we headed across the street to the mall to do some more shopping. Found a few things and got the girls a couple new toys. Spending a few more hours shopping we were all pretty tired- but headed to Target to finish off our first shopping day. We took advantage of Texas' tax free weekend and got Kairi's school supplies. After 10 hours of shopping we were ready to call it a day.


Good thing my girls were born shoppers because day 2 came and we headed out of the hotel to travel across town to do some outlet shopping. We spent 6 hours, yes 6 hours at the outlet mall. I found the girls some new shoes and Kai a few new clothes for school. Plus, I found the most amazing, comfortable pants that I may live in forever. My only regret is I didn't buy 10 pair! We were going to eat at RainForest Cafe while we were there, but it was so busy and packed and everyone was hungry, so we decided on lunch at the food court.


Day 2 of shopping was complete so we headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed the outdoor pool and some Papa John's pizza. The girls LOVE staying in hotels and going swimming. They would think we were on vacation if we went to a local hotel and swam in the pool.


Then I surprised Jonathan with a special treat - a date! on vacation! My in-laws let the girls stay in their room that last night while we went out on a date. Seriously, I have the best in-laws. I got dressed up for my husband and we headed to Barnes and Noble and drank coffee, talked, and looked at books. Simple, but wonderful. Then we had the night to ourselves in the hotel - I'll leave out all the details.


Day 3 we woke up early so the boys could pack the car. We thought it was a full car on the way there. Well after 2 days of shopping I'm surprised we didn't have to leave a kid behind to make room for everything.

That morning we got to go take the girls to the CIRCUS!!! Oh what a fun special memory! Jonathan and I went when we were kids and we felt so fortunate to be able to create this memory with our kids. For the past year if you have asked Kairi what she wants to be when she grows up she will answer - "a circus girl". We had great seats and were able to see everything. Brayce was intranced by everything, staring and clapping. Kairi and her liked the tigers the best. Kairi's biggest smile came at the end when the fog machine was on and it made "pink smoke". I was so impressed with the circus people's strength and no fear attitudes. The stunts they did were incredible. It definitely was the greatest show on earth.



What a wonderful, fun way to end the summer!




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