Jul 3, 2013

We've Moved!

You may have noticed I've been quiet on the blog these past couple months. We've been a little busy. It's been a little crazy at our house... or I should say our new house. We have moved!!!!

In the middle of May we put our house up for sale. We had talked about doing this for the past few years, but had just recently settled on the idea of staying put for a long time. Until a house became available in town that we couldn't resist!!
We loved our little home. This is the first home Jonathan and I owned together and we lived there for 5 years. This is the house we brought both of our daughters home to. It is cute, neat, and nice. 3 bed and 2 bath. We are trying to sale it so if you know of anyone looking then send them our way!!!


Welcome to our new house!!!

We absolutely love our new house and are slowly making it into our home! Our old house was located 7 miles out of town, but this one is so close to everything - Jonathan's work/ aka the church, the school Kairi will go to in August - whoa, that's next month!, and 100 steps from Nonnie and Papa's house. Yes, 100 steps - we counted. We love living right next door to them and the girls will soon have a trail made from our front door to their yard.
This is the view of our house from my in-laws driveway.
We have been living in our new house for about 3 weeks now. It was move in ready, but with the mauve walls it was screaming for some attention! We decided to take it slow and one room at a time - which is driving me a little crazy. But we've had such a busy month so it's what is working best for us. Jonathan and I both came down with the stomach bug. Then the girls and I took a little girls' trip that was so much fun. Jonathan has been so busy at work, he had his normal duties plus preached all 5 Sundays in June. (Just a little plug you can listen to any sermon from COS at www.grovecos.com) I'm so proud of him and thankful for the gift God has given him.

We decided to do the girls' room first to help them get settled in. Plus it was the only room in the whole house that was white and with a white ceiling. (EVERY other wall and ceiling is mauve.) I'm so happy with how the girls' room turned out. It's not completely finished, toys need new homes and there aren't any pictures up on the walls yet.
I think they're happy - what do you think?!
Then we painted our room next so we could get our bed in there and not have to sleep on an air mattress. At our other house we had gray walls with yellow. We picked out a blue color for the walls and it's not exactly what we were wanting, but once we get new curtains and the rest of our stuff in the room I think it will look great. (Gray/yellow/blue theme)
My parents came up to visit us these past few days and helped us, or I should say we helped them, with our flower bed. They are such hard workers. We trimmed trees, pulled out all the bushes in the front yard, planted new flowers and laid mulch. We couldn't find a blue atlas tree that I was wanting so we left a spot for it. I LOVE how it turned out.

Slowly, but surely things are finding a new place to land and we are getting things cleaned and put away. I have so many Pinterest projects I want to do, but am trying to remember that there is no hurry. We plan to be at our new house for a very very long time.

We are working on picking out paint colors for the kitchen and living room and are planning on painting it this week. Jonathan and I aren't the best at picking paint colors. We once ended up with a school bus yellow room. I am wanting a taupe color that goes with everything. Any suggestions? Someone suggested "hopsack" by valspar which is super cute, but maybe a little dark or brown for us.


Moving can be stressful. I'm trying to enjoy this blessing while not worrying about having a house for sale or the things that I can't control, or all the financial stresses that can come along with updating a house. But we are taking it slow and doing what we can when we can. God is in control and we are praying daily for our house to sale.

As soon as we get a few more things done, we are looking forward to having friends over to enjoy our new house with us!



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  1. I LOVE the pic of your daughters room! It is so adorable!
    No specific suggestions for taupe color but when in doubt have a small sample mixed and paint it on to live with for a few days. I know Home Depot does this and Im pretty sure Lowes does as well. I think it's under $3 and gives you plenty to get a feel for the color. Well worth the extra little bit since paint costs so much that you have to live with it once you buy a gallon!



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