May 2, 2013


Tonight I was reminded about how amazing it is to let God use us. When we are there for someone else, serve others, or give - then we are the ones who are actually blessed.

Have you ever noticed when you give someone advice, how much you would benefit to take the same advice?

Tonight I encouraged someone to:

  • celebrate the victories.
  • continue taking the baby steps.
  • look back and see how far they've come.
  • love their self and to know their worth in Christ.

It made me start thinking about where I've been. The baby steps it has taken to get to where I am and the steps that still need to be taken.

Celebrate your baby steps. Look back to how far you've come. One of my favorite ways to do that is to blog and journal. We are so involved in our own life that we can't see what other people can see. But if you take a step back, look at the big picture - you can see progress. You can see the strides you have taken. You can see that you are on the right path.

There was a time in my life when I honestly believed I was worthless. So worthless, that I would cut myself to feel the pain that I felt that I deserved.

God showed me differently. He held me and told me sweet things. He showed me why I should love myself. How to love myself. God, you are so GOOD!!!

We are our own worst critics. Have you ever noticed how mean we are to ourselves? I would never say the things I say to myself to my friend or daughters. It's ok to be nice to ourselves. Actually it's more than ok! Be KIND to yourself. LOVE yourself.

Make a list of everything you love about yourself, the things you are good at, and the things you can do that make you happy.

STOP and tell yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! You are worthy!

God desires to whisper all these beautiful things into your ear. He wants to say, "I love you my beautiful daughter. I made you special and to be exactly you."

God doesn't require us to be perfect or even good before He starts to love us. "While we were sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

Why do we expect ourselves to be perfect before we start loving ourselves?!

I need to lose 20, I have stretchmarks, and my hair is in a very awkward stage of growing it out. But I have a smile that can light up a room, thick brown great hair, and a tan that looks like I was kissed by summer (thank you tanning bed). I get moody when I am hot and hungry - I mean REALLY moody, ask my husband; I am always running behind, and I have a huge pile of clothes to fold at all times. But I am happy; I am honest and real; I am a good spouse and mother, and I take time to be a friend and encourage others.

What I am trying to say is that I have flaws, big ugly flaws. But inspite of those, I can LOVE myself. I can be kind to myself. I can tell myself that I am beautiful and worthy.

I have JOY. Big Bold JOY that flows from my heart. I am not perfect, but I am striving to be who God wants me to be. Christ-like, loving, patient, self-controlled, kind and gentle.

10 years ago, I didn't want to live. What was the point?! Why not just give up? The pain was so raw and ugly. The darkness surrounded my world until I could barely see the Light.

People, Rejoice! Jesus is the LIGHT of the world!!! In your darkness, He is there! When you are lost, call out to JESUS!!!! Run to Him or say Draw near to me, Lord.

He teaches us. He is patient with us. He loves us.

If God says I am beautiful who am I to argue with the Creator?

You are not bragging or being arrogant if you say nice things about yourself!

It's taken me a long time to be able to say anything nice about myself. I have only recently become intentional about it because I have 2 daughters that watch my every move. They see me when I look in the mirror and turn sideways to take a glance at how far my belly sticks out. They hear me when I say how bad my clothes look on me because they are too tight because "I'm fat". They are watching me and learning how to treat themselves.

I can't give someone else advice to love themselves and celebrate the victories if I just beat myself up and believe that I am a nobody.

We are all somebodies. You are wonderfully and perfectly made!

I have overcome depression, anxiety issues and darkness. Step by step, day by day. I am more than a conqueror!! And I know that because I've read the end of the book... CHRIST WINS!!! We WIN!


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