Apr 23, 2013

The Pink Hoohas

Today has been one of those days that I was very much looking forward to NAP TIME. The girls set the day at breakfast where they acted as though we were torturing them making them eat eggs and sausage. (It was delicious.) Each bite was a fight. Kai even gagged herself into throwing up. Oh boy.

The house was, uh I mean IS a mess, which never helps my mood and Fruit Loop looked so depressed I let her inside and she bothered the girls constantly. So lots of screaming, crying, and yelling.

2:30... FINALLY... and nap time is HERE!!! Everyone yell on 3- 1, 2, 3... HOORAY!!!! The girls went right to sleep with no fighting; what a relief. So I thought I would enjoy some blogging time (writing a post and reading some of my favorite blogs). 

2 months ago I got off of Facebook and Twitter and took a little social media detox, including some time away from the blog. Now I am only on Instagram: kcwhitney and I have a Facebook page for the blog: www.facebook.com/mydoodlespot  - So if you don't follow me or like the page go ahead! :)

I am enjoying my time away from social media, but it's time to get back into blogging! It's just such a great outlet for thoughts, feelings, and opinions and also a great way to store memories and pictures to look back on! I'm sorry I've been so absent in my posting. I do miss it and you! I am planning on writing more often - so check back because I might have something interesting to say and if not at least I'll have some cute pictures to look at.


This past weekend my Mom and Dad came up to see us. I love getting some alone time with them and finding out what has been going on in their lives and catching up. I live about 4 hours from my parents (and my sisters' families) so any family time is always welcomed warmly!! The girls were thrilled that they stayed 2 nights and played, played, played! 

Here's a few pics of our fun!

My soccer star had a soccer game Saturday morning. 

I told you I would have cute pictures! Look at my sweet girls!!! 
Pretty in PINK!

Brayce warmed up with the team! She's almost as big as them! 
Put me in Coach!

Kai was so excited that "Papa, Nonnie, Pop, and Mimi!!!!!" were there to watch her play!

LOVE this!!! 
Even though we don't get to see them everyday the girls KNOW they are loved by Pop and Mimi!

Kai was excited to spend her very own money to buy some seeds. The girls and Mimi planted them and Kai checks on them every 20 minutes to see if they have grown! I might have to sneak to Wal-Mart and buy some flowers if her seeds don't grow soon! That will make her day, I can imagine the squeals now. Is that a white lie? 

Jonathan surprised me a few days ago by spending HIS birthday money to buy me and a friend a pedicure!!! I thought it was perfect timing that my mom was coming in town that next day to take her and spend some girl time relaxing! I took the girls so they could get their toe nails painted. 

And while we were being pampered my dad and Jonathan put up the girls' Christmas present from Mimi and Pop! A BIG TRAMPOLINE!!!! 
If you want to find us we will be jumping. The girls LOVE it!!!!

After it got dark Saturday night the girls, Jonathan and I went to jump with glow sticks and the trampoline has a light show thing on it! SO much fun!!! Kai will be talking about that for a long time!

After church we had to give hugs to Pop and Mimi so they could head back home. Thanks for coming Mom and Dad!!! We LOVE you SO much!!!

Sunday after church 7 of my friends and me headed to Tulsa to run in the Paint Tulsa Pink 5k Run. We had such a good time eating, chatting, and doing a little bit of shopping. We went to a hotel that B's dad owns for a couple hours to get ready and that was so much fun!!! We colored our hair pink and got some pink glitter make up on. Lots of laughs and good memories were made!
We went over to the race and enjoyed all the PINK. There were a few disturbing men in short pink skirts and pink sports bras though. Hey, whatever it takes to save the tata's!

I hadn't ran in 2 weeks so I was a little nervous how this would go (not to mention I had the most scrumptious nachos for lunch that day!) But it was fun! And I ended with a time I was happy with. It was 3 of my friends' first 5k race to be in and I was happy to be a part of their first race running experience!
I am blessed with some amazing, fun, Godly friends!

i <3 friends="" my="" p="">

The Pink Hoohas!!!

Ready, Set, GO!!!

We did it!! :)

What a fun, amazing weekend spent with friends and family!!! I do have to say - I love my life!!!

What did you do this weekend?

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