Feb 3, 2013

Tippy Top

Home Project Fun!

Advice to my fellow blogger friends and readers. Before starting a project - save yourself time and take BEFORE pictures because you know you're going to end up blogging about it! I'm hunting for pics that show off what this looked like just 24 hours ago and I am getting distracted by all of the other pictures of my cute little girls.


For the girls' birthdays they wanted BUNK BEDS!!!! (In less then a month, we will be celebrating a 2nd birthday and one turning 4!!!) So Pop, Mimi, Daddy, and Mommy got them just that! I ordered the beds online at Target and they arrived this week! I told the girls that before we put them up that Mommy had to paint their room. [We hadn't redone their room since turning it into a nursery for Kairi 4 years ago!] My parents came up to see us on Saturday and they are worker bees, but I wanted to give my mom more time of just playing with the girls - something Kai and Brayce desperately were looking forward to. But in order for that to happen, I knew I had to have the room painted and the beds set up before they got here!


Friday afternoon we got started. I painted (with Kairi's help) and Jonathan put the bed together. My in-laws came over for dinner for a couple hours. I stopped painting to make dinner for everyone (woot woot!) and we had a good little visit, but then it was back to work for me.


3:30 pm - Here we go...

Kai is such a BIG helper. She loves to help us do anything; how can you say no to that?!
I felt bad that I was going to have to paint over her creation on the wall, so I got her a canvas for her art!

I painted 3 walls light purple (the same purple we had left over from the playroom) but knew I wanted an accent wall. I debated doing it the dark purple, but we had some "pink salmon" that was going to be for a different project. Jonathan brought it in and said, "what do you think?" Hmm... I really wasn't sure, but he really thought it was a good idea. So I painted it that color and I have to say... I LOVE IT.
I finished painting around midnight and after a couple of attempts of getting the girls to bed (on their cots in the playroom) I was able to clean the brushes. My husband said I could not hang anything on the wall tonight...
12 hours later!!! 3:30 AM - WE ARE FINISHED!!!
(sorry, not the best before pics that show off the room!)
Before BEDS
Look past little Braycee - light green walls, owl/nature wall decals (from Target), 2 beds - blah and boring.
Ready? ....
Jonathan and I were having a hard time believing we had girls big enough to have bunk beds! Our babies are growing up!!! Bye-Bye nursery. Hello little girls' room!
(We chose this one because it's at least 6 inches shorter then a regular bunk bed - better for the girls' ages.)
Kairi's "on the tippy top" and w/ her "bloom bloom bloom" blanket
Brayce's fort on the bottom. Mimi helped them pick out a "couple" of animals to sleep with. Gone is our 3 animal rule! Bigger beds = more space!
Doesn't it look cozy in here?
Ok here's my FAVORITE part...
Our crazy, fun wall!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out. I'm not completely finished, but getting close.
Today we put the sheets and animals on the bed, and switched to a new smaller ceiling fan that wasn't hanging over the bed!
Kai picked out pretty confetti flowers to put in her window!
Thank you Mimi and Pop for helping us get the bunk beds for the girls! Thanks for coming to visit us. Thanks for always wanting to help us with whatever we might need. And mostly, thank you for playing with the girls today!
Thank you Gram Jam for letting us borrow the mattresses! SO cozy!
Thanks husband for your hard work the past few days getting the girls' room put together!!
Pop and Mimi read the girls' night time stories tonight! How fun is that?!
I was pretty nervous about Kairi sleeping on the top bunk, but after a rough bed time (because of skipped naps and exhaustion) I went in to try to calm them down. Kai told me she just wanted on the bottom bed because she was too scared to be on top! :) I'm glad she's not too grown up. I said no problem. Grabbed her pillow put it next to Brayce's. She climbed in and Brayce immediately stopped crying. 2 happy girls that love each other and love being sisters!!
Update: Kai said she was just teasing. She got in the bottom bunk because Brayce was scared and she wanted to be a good big sister!
Right before I came to bed I checked on them and they were passed out. Kai was using her sister's belly as a pillow!!! SO CUTE!
I think it might take them a little while to get used to their new beds and for Kairi (and me) to get brave enough to sleep on the top bunk. Kai wakes up in the middle of the night 2x to go potty so we were nervous about her crawling down the ladder when she's half asleep. But I'm guessing after 2 nights, they'll be pros! I have 2 very laid back adaptable kiddos!
I love how the room turned out. It's such a fun room where my girls can enjoy growing up in together! It reminds us of lalaloopsies! The great thing was we were able to use a lot of what we already had and with the borrowed things and gift from my parents, this remodel didn't cost us much but had BIG changes! I am so very happy and so are both girls!!! I don't think they left the room today! :) I'd say they are going to have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because they got exactly what they wanted! I hope I'm always able to give my children their heart's desires! Spoiling with out the rottenness! :)
The room is exactly how I wanted it to look - that rarely happens. The girls have shared rooms since day 1 and we LOVE it. It lets us have the 3rd bedroom as a playroom and separates their beds and toys. I feel like our house is twice as a big and not so crowded with it this way. Like I said we have adaptable kids so they have never had a problem with sleeping or waking each other up. I love having their clothes all in one spot, too - very helpful when rushing to get somewhere because we are always running late. Maybe when they are teenagers they won't enjoy living so close with each other, but until then we will enjoy every minute!! :)
It's amazing what a little paint can do to transform a space.
I have to get approval to tell people that Kairi and Brayce got bunk beds. Kairi has informed me several times that it's a secret and to NOT tell her friends. She wants to surprise them on her birthday. So for now, I will be saving this as a draft. Can't wait to share our remodel with you! :)


Update: Brayce made it until 6 am in her bunk bed before making her way into our bed to snuggle. I'm not sure what time Kai came in... before that though.


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