Feb 18, 2013

Rock & Rule

If you ask anyone that knows me, they would probably be able to tell you that I am a planner. I love to plan ahead and I am not good with changes or on the spur things. I'm not the spontaneous one. I remember in high school a few of my friends and I decided to do a road trip down to Dallas, which was only a few hours from us at that time. I was all for it, but said let's plan it for a month out so I can take off work, save up some money, we could get a hotel reserved etc. LOL, they were more thinking that Friday!

A quality that I don't like about myself is that, "I have good intentions, but bad follow through." This is something I discovered about myself recently and instead of using it as an excuse for myself I am trying to work on it. I want to be a more generous person and often have good ideas of nice and kind things I could do. Then the opportunity passes without me doing anything. I think one of the main reasons is I'm a tightwad. I always think about how much things would cost. So I am working on changing that about myself.

However, I surprise myself with my procrastination at times. I am such a planner and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lists and somehow the girls' birthdays snuck up on me this year (like the dates changed or something) and here I am without a plan. Their birthdays are 16 days apart so we have always done joint birthday parties - sorry girls, but that'll most likely be how it is for most of your lives. :) This will be the first year for a "friend's" party, tho!

I talked to Kai about what she wanted to do for their party. A few things we came up with was: Chuck E Cheese (her choice) but the nearest one to us is an hour away and I don't think that's fair to ask people to drive. Then we thought of bowling, but I was thinking they might be too young for that still. And Kairi decided that she definitely wanted to have her party at the church, exactly like last year. LOL, why not?!

With Pinterest now I feel pressure to have a Pinterest worthy paty, but then my cheapness comes out and I start thinking about what all I would have to purchase to be able to do that. And also, my good intentions bad follow through plays a big part. There are tons of DIY projects on Pinterest to make an extra special details and I never "get around to it." I want my girls to have a very special party, but I have decided to keep it simple. That's our motto for most of our parenting choices, so we have decided to have a fun, but simple birthday party. They are going to be 2 and 4 so I don't think they will mind drinking out of plastic cups instead of cute mason jars etc. I think Pinterest worthy parties are amazing and I'm not knocking them, but I am excited to have a fun but simple party for the girls. But I will definitely still be using Pinterest to help execute the party!

A couple days ago, my husband, MIL, and I started talking about the party. I feel better now that I have a date, theme, a plan and a list, but the party is less then 2 weeks away so it's definitely time to start getting things ready and bought. My wonderful husband is going to make the invitiations for me tomorrow. My mother in law always does the cake or cupcakes for their parties and I am very happy that she wants to do that for them again this year!!! I've reserved the church and so things are on a roll now.

I'm looking forward to the party because I want them to have the most special day because I think they are the most special people in the world. I am so happy to be able to celebrate my girls everyday, but especially on their birthdays!

And um... how did they get big enough to be 2 and 4??!?! Time flies when you're having fun!

And our theme is...

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