Feb 4, 2013


I have seen what doing NOTHING for weeks upon weeks can do for your body and waist size. And by nothing, I mean no exercise + lots of (junk & fast) food! I am the same exact weight as I was in December 2011, yet my body has changed so much and none of my clothes fit right and haven't for months. Well, besides my yoga pants I bought in a size bigger - that I have been wearing everyday, with my cardigan (also a size larger) to hide inside of.
Time for a CHANGE. A challenge.
I follow a page on Facebook, Fluff to Buff that is updated by 2 girls that are all about fitness. One of the girls posted this picture of herself with the caption a couple days ago.
This picture got me thinking. Time is going to pass no matter what. What choices am I going to make? I can try to become the person I want to become or I can satisfy my taste buds now, which leads to regret and tighter pants later.
This past year, I made a lot of unhealthy choices, usually while driving through a fast food place! It's hard for me to remember (ok, more like it's easy for me to ignore) that every small choice adds up - good or bad - it adds up!
The "system" works if you work the system. If I burn more calories then I eat - I will lose weight. If I work out - I will gain muscle. If I quit eating junk - my body will become healthier/cleaner. If I cook for my family - we will save money and eat healthier foods. If I... If I.. If I.
Ok. I feel like a rebellious teenager saying - PROVE IT! If all those statements above are true, then I want to see the PROOF.
Sounds like a challenge to me. A FB friend of mine and I have started a new weight loss challenge page on FB to encourage a small group of women to become healthier, happier, (skinnier) women. We are going to do a 6 week competition and I plan to take it seriously. In order to "PROVE IT" to myself - that saying no to the cookie or second helping and yes to exercise, makes a difference.
Ugh... I hate putting this out there because that means either A. I follow through or B. I quit and hope no one remembers this post.
I'm hoping (and expecting) to see results. Good ones! I plan on working my butt off to get them, too. My plan is to count calories using the app, MyFitnessPal (AWeSOME app!) and exercise daily with my amazing, hot husband! Our goal is to NOT eat fast food (or restaurants) for the month of Feb (which helps w/ health and finances). If someone sees us at Braum's, you have my permission to come sit down with us and eat my food - or throw it in the trash! I signed up for EMeals.com a couple of weeks ago and will become a chef before I know it!
The first Saturday in March I'm going to run a 5k race. Another BIG change will be my sleep schedule. Jonathan and I will be waking up every day at 6:30 to work out in our garage every morning - which means my bed time of 3am will not work anymore. I'm giving myself a "no electronics after midnight" rule. So I will sleep from 12 to 6 (instead of 3 to 9). Also, I'm hoping to start a couple different classes at the Y. We tried spinning for the first time last week. Owie - my butt!

I just received my new HRM (heart rate monitor) watch in the mail! (My sweet hubby got me this instead of flowers for Valentine's Day!) I'm excited to see the proof of how hard I work (or don't) during a workout.

Being healthy is a lifestyle change and while some habits have been lasting, others fly out the window so quickly that I can't even call them a habit.
I have the tools I need to do it and I have the knowledge (enough at least). I have the desire, but I am lacking the discipline. I plan on growing Spiritually, by learning to lean on Christ and not food - for comfort or to help with boredom! I have fallen behind in my Bible reading plan which was a resolution of mine, but I am not giving up! God gives us strength and self control. 2 things I need.
No matter how many times we have slacked or fallen behind - we have not given up. We just pick ourselves up from where we are and get started again! That's been key to my weight loss journey.
I am not wanting to lose weight just to look better. I want to FEEL better. I am so uncomfortable in my own skin. I miss the confidence I had last summer. I want to fit into my clothes again, where I can put on a shirt without having to do the penguin stretch (it's a made up dance to help with tight shirts - video demo to come. j/k).

I want to be happy and healthy. So, for the next 6 weeks I will be telling ice cream and my alarm to PROVE IT!!!!
... Plus, the Groundhog told us that warmer weather was going to come sooner! Can you say, "swimsuit" and "summer"?!

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  1. We can do this! I've been trying to prove it and I find myself cheating more and more. Last night my husband (who knows how much I want to lose weight) basically told me to to "prove it" (in a nice way) that I would do this. That's what i'm going to do!



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