Feb 9, 2013

Little Sister Pirates

After we set up the girls bunk beds, Kai had a good idea to play "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". We ran around the house pretending to be pirates. I found "pixie dust" made out of confetti and Jonathan even made a couple "hooks" with aluminum foil! The girls had a ball! And they have been asking to play pirates daily now!!
Jonathan and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get a couple things, and we ended up looking at every aisle and found ourselves in the toy section (without our kids). Then we found some TREASURE on a shelf.


I said how much would they love these for their birthdays?! And Jonathan said, How much would they love them tomorrow!

We are horrible at surprises and couldn't wait. So today after naptime and after Jonathan got off work we surprised the girls with these:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates treasure boxes!!!!!


The girls were ECSTATIC! They gave us each the biggest hug and said THANK YOU MOMMY & DADDY!
Jake and Izzy


We rearranged the living room to be a "ship with a plank". Got all dressed. Had Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pandora radio station playing and started hunting for treasure! And going after Captain Hook!


Izzy, Cubby, and Jake
Cubby getting Captain Hook!
Jake had to walk the plank!


On top of the Pirate Ship (bunk bed) with their treasure chest - fighting away with Captain Hook.
Kairi jumped into Jonathan's arms and said, "I love you Daddy!" It was so sweet.

Driving (is it driving?) the Pirate ship!


Look at my hot Pirate!!


It was so fun to find these treasure boxes for the girls. I think Jonathan was super excited because I had almost bought them stuffed animal dogs in a hot pink carrier (which I know they would love too) before we saw these. I was happy to get these instead because this was a "game" we could play all together! Playing pretend with our kids is so important and while the aluminum foil hook and confetti worked; we had a lot, A LOT of fun with our new gadgets! I have a feeling you will find us playing Pirates often!!!

It reminded me of when I was a kid, my cousin Will and I would play pirates at his house on the bunk bed - he had a cool steering wheel thing to steer the ship and we would make a huge tent in the living room. Then he also had a cool spy kit that was so fun to pretend with. He always had such fun toys!

I hope I am helping my children create lifelong happy childhood memories like mine were!


I'm so glad this is how I get to spend my Friday Nights!!!


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