Feb 2, 2013


Did you know that I am the luckiest girl in the world?! I am! I am married to my best friend, who so happens to be a wonderful, Godly man. He strives everyday to be the best husband and father he can be.

I asked my husband to write a guest blog for me! You can find his blog HERE! My husband is training to be a triathlete and is a wonderful writer. I love reading his blog posts and while it is focused on being an athlete and training; he brings in all of his wisdom into each every post. My husband is a quiet man, but when he talks (or blogs), what he says is worth listening to!

Meet my husband Jonathan!!!


So please take a minute and enjoy a parenting blog from a father's perspective!!!!!



In a couple of hours I will be sitting in the bleachers, with my wife and a bunch of other moms in a room full of little girls running around in leotards. I have to be honest and say that situation is a little awkward for an adult male, but why do I do it?



You see I absolutely love my wife, more than anything else in this world (besides my God). I remember at one point when we were dating she asked me a simple question, "Do you love me more than your mom?" At the time it put me in a very awkward spot. I loved my girlfriend, but I have always had close relationships with my parents, they are amazing. At that time I had to say no. KC took no offense to this, I wasn't there yet, we weren't there yet. At this point in time I can say I love her above everything else in this world; my parents, my job, my hobbies, my friends, my family, and even my kids. She will always be the one that gets attention first when I walk in the door.

I could write an entire series of posts about how men should love their wives, but right now I want to focus on my second loves. I have this hierarchy of how I define myself; I am a Christian first, a husband second, a father third, a pastor fourth and an athlete fifth. Those top 3 will never change, and right after my God and my wife will always come my kids.

I remember growing up, and there was never a time I remember being in want for my parents to be around. Now this is not for the normal reason that kids have. My parents have actually always been some of my best friends. They were always there; every ball game, every school event, every time I wanted to throw the ball or blow up a water bed and jump on it in the yard. I never needed to want them around, they were always there.

It wasn't just my mom either, my dad didn't miss anything. Growing up, most of my childhood he worked two full-time jobs, he had a job and he was a pastor too. Still to this day I can remember back to when we watched Tombstone and afterwards we all played cowboys. I remember days he would get down on the ground and play power rangers with us, and the next day he stepped on them and broke them because my brother and I didn't pick them up. I can go on and on, but he was an involved dad.

It didn't matter how much money he brought home, but it mattered that he was there. It mattered that he took us kids aside and showed us a syringe and needle he had just taken off a guy who used drugs and said one simple sentence to us "Don't ever do this."

The reason I will be in that room in a couple hours, on the bleachers, is because I know after every front roll, every walk on the balance beam, and every flip on the bars my little girl will look to make sure her daddy is watching. To my almost 4 year old, it matters when I am there. Scratch that, It means the world to her.

Here are some other things that mean the world to her: When daddy buys scooters for him and mommy so they can ride around the park too. When daddy gives up his iPad so she can sit in his lap and watch Bo on the GO. When daddy gets home from work he always kisses his three girls. When she picks out Dr. Suess books at the library (because they are "daddy's favorite") and he reads them every night. When daddy sits around that very uncomfortable play table and builds legos with his girls.


This is not a bragging blog, but instead this is my call to men, to dads. Be Involved . . . in everything; it will make a difference. Go to the pool when your family goes, take your kids outside just you and them, change the diapers, and make them food. Teach them life lessons by the way you do things. No matter how tired you are, get on the floor. No matter how long your day was, make that evening count.


I would be lying if I said I always wanted to play, or always did play, but we are one of the two greatest influences on our kids. We will be the ones to teach them how to love their spouse, to love God, to treat people, and to grow in faith. By everything we do, we teach them. And so every time I think about not going to see my little girl in gymnastics or not picking up Brayce so she can make my lunch with me, I think of the impact dads have on their kids. And I want to have a great impact!



My girls adore their father. He truly is the best baby daddy I could have ever dreamed of for my girls!


Please head over to see what Jonathan is up to and follow his blog IRONMANME!!!


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