Feb 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Braycee!


2 years ago I was blessed with this beautiful little girl!!!

Braycee turns 1 in 2012.

Kai and Brayce at 2 years old in the same outfit!!!

Look at how fun this is! 
Cousin Lily at 1 in 2009, 
Kairi at 1 and 2 (2010, 2011), and 
Brayce at 1 and 2 (2012, 2013) 
All in the same shirt!!

Brayce is such a blessing in our lives!!! 
I've said from the day she was born how funny this kid was. Before she could even talk she would make me laugh daily! 

She is FULL of personality. She is super sweet, but oh so ornery! 
She knows how to push her sister's buttons. Yet, she watches everything "Sissy" does and is our little copy cat!!! She wants to be just like Big Sis!

Make a WISH!

These girls are best friends!!! They play together all day long and love each other. They love to play babies, color and do crafts, watch movies and snuggle together, and Braycee loves to eat!

I love our little family of 4!! After having Kairi I couldn't imagine loving another child as much as I love her, and God is so amazing to multiply our love and not divide it! I can't imagine my life without Braycee!!

Brayce is 33 1/2" tall and weighs 29 pounds.
She wears 2T and 3T clothes.

Mommy has a hard time disciplining her because she's so darn cute!!!

Copy cat to sister! 
She loves spending as much time as she can at her Papa and Nonnie's house.

Brayce is my BIG EYED girl that makes my heart smile and laugh everyday. She is communicating so well and speaks in sentences. But a lot of times she speaks in "brayce" language. 
She is still in diapers or pull ups and is only interested at going potty every once in awhile. 

She has stolen this momma's heart! I have such a soft spot for this little girl. I think because she reminds me of her daddy so much!! She's his little mini-me!!! 

Brayce Kyle thank you for being such a joy and blessing in our lives. I love being your mommy. Your smile and laughter light up any room you enter. Never lose that baby girl. I pray that her and her sister will always be best friends. I pray that she will always have a heart that chases after God. That Jonathan and I can raise her to be a Godly, good kid.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Braycers!!!

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