Feb 3, 2013

Why I love being called, MOMMY!

Why I love being called "MOMMY"!!

I don't believe we know what unconditional love is until we have a child of our own. One that we would 100%, no questions asked, risk it all for! I think back to the story in the Bible of Abraham being asked to sacrifice Isaac, his son, his only son to obey, trust, and worship God. And how without any questions asked he does what God says because he has faith. But I can not imagine the pain and fear that had to be running through his mind.

One thing I struggle with is putting my family above God. I want my kids all to myself and I cherish them - maybe even hoard them. Why must they grow so quickly?! But after experiencing the loss of my unborn child, I realized that I did not create my children. My Heavenly Father knitted them together while they were still in my womb. Several years ago, when I attended Bible college one of our professors said that babies were not a miracle and pregnancies were one of the most natural things that could happen. I have no idea why, but I believed him. And I think after years of believing that, I forgot what a true miracle a baby is; how there are so many factors that have to be perfect for a child to be created and born. God is so big and amazing. He creates each one of us and perfectly puts us together. After losing my child, I was reminded at the miracle of babies and that I am not in control. I did not make my children and that they trully are children of God. I am a child of God. My God is so big. (So strong and so mighty!.. finish singing the song then keep reading.)

This has helped me with my perspective of putting God first, family second. I have taken comfort and found hope that my angel baby is in Heaven with Jesus. Our days are numbered and we must make the most of them. And I choose to spend my days filling them up being "mom".

So why do I love being MOM?

1. I love to see my children learn. I love being able to see this world through their eyes, where the only question asked to things is, "Why?".

2. One of the most rewarding, yet tiring things about being a mom is that our children depend on us for their every need. I love being able to meet whatever their need is. If it is being prepared and having a band-aid to cover a boo boo with a kiss or if it is a hug and song at night time. I love being able to have supper on the table and a closet full of clothes. I love meeting the needs and wants of my children. I am 28 years old and know that I still need my mommy. I hope that I am raising my children to know that no matter if they are 8, 18, or 28, or 68 that I will always be there for them.


3. My children soften my heart and remind me to worship our Creator. They bring a smile to my heart and joy to my life. Their childlike faith is something to be desired. Their baby smooth skin reminds me that we are held together by God, our body, soul and mind is so precious. We must remember what is important and not let the other steal our time.

4. I have built in little buddies. I have two girls, 2 & 4 so will never lack a shopping buddy or a helper at the grocery store. I remember the first time I went grocery shopping with my daughter. I was just excited I could talk out loud and not look crazy for talking to myself! We love to do everything together. My little best friends.

5. I have an excuse to have some extra squish in the belly area. Ok, not really. But my children inspire me to be healthy. How I raise my children to look at themselves is vital. I want them to love themselves and to be kind to themselves. I have to teach them to look in the mirror and love who they are, inside and out. I am responsible for teaching them how to cook and view food. I want to be healthy so that I have the best chance of seeing (and spoiling) my great, great grandkids!

6. They have taught me what LOVE is. There's not much like holding your child for the first time and falling madly in love. Not being able to imagine what life was like just moments before without them.


7. They remind me to put others before myself and not to be selfish. They have taught me how to love others and without a worldly judgement. Everyone is deserving of love and kids know that.

8. I love being mom because I get to go shopping for all the cute little clothes and shoes. I love being mom and attending all their events and activities. I love being mom and having the cutest little models to take pictures of. I love being mom to go to playdates and get involved with other mommies and make friends.

9. They are my constant entertainment. We laugh all day long. They have brightened my world. No matter if it is a pajama day at the house, a trip to the park, or to the zoo; seeing my children's faces light up with a smile from ear to ear is like receiving a gold medal for mom of the year! And oh a child's laugh. I would love to bottle up that sound to keep with me forever.


10. I love being called mommy because that means my husband gets to be daddy. I could go on and on about how much I love my husband but this is a post about why I love being a mommy. But I fall in love with my husband all over again and in a way that I didn't know was possible each time I see him with our children. My husband is a very hands on dad: coaching soccer, helping read the night time stories, shoulder rides, and everything else involved. My girls adore their daddy!


I love having a family of my own. One I am responsible for and will always get to be a part of.

My children have given me the opportunity to one of the roles and titles I hold most valuable: MOTHER.



(This was the recent guest blog I did for Fresh Canvas Living here, but I wanted to share on my blog in case you missed it and for me to have!)


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