Jan 21, 2013

Potty Party

Braycee was selected to host a Huggies Pull-Ups Party for her little friends from House Party.

You can find out about House Party and Huggies Pull Ups here or here.

We were sent a party pact with Pull-Up samples and a goodie pack with coupons, a calendar, and party hats to give to our guests.

Add some gold fish and fruit and you have a party!!

My BIG GIRL will be 2 next month! Let the potty training begin!!!

It's my party an I can pout if I want to?!

The big sisters of our little potty trainees!

Fun mommy and daugher time.

Our BIG KIDS at the potty party!
(Do you think this will embarrass them someday?!)

I got a couple packs of big girl panties and little boy underoos. (How cute are they?! I usually only get to look at the girl stuff.) I tied them to a balloon and gave it as a party favor for our little guests! For when they are potty graduates!

The mommies sat around and chatted, while all the kids ran back and forth playing, playing, playing!

Thank you HOUSE PARTY and HUGGIES PULL-UPS for choosing us to host a party for our friends.

House Party is a FREE site where you can apply to host all different parties they have available and if you are selected you receive a box in the mail (yay! how fun is that?!) and you invite your friends and party!

Simple and fun... and free!

Go check them out at: HOUSE PARTY and sign up!

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