Jan 30, 2013

Let's Run Away Together!!!

One of our favorite family get-a-ways is Branson, MO which isn't too far from where we live. The girls LOVE, LOVE staying in hotels, jumping on the bed and swimming. And we have created little SHOPPERS. We have been traveling with them since Kairi was 3 weeks old (when we jumped on an airplane to head out to Arizona!). They are master travelers so we like, when we have the opportunity, to go, go, go!

Something I haven't mastered... PACKING!!!! Look at all of this luggage for a 2 night stay! HA! Oh my.

2 things we always do in Branson. Shop. and Eat.
We checked into the hotel Sunday night and went to eat at Chilli's and shop at Target.
We shared this dessert between the 6 of us. OH MY!! It was heavenly.
Kai told me that it was vacation and was family dessert time! Sounds good to me girl!

Check out Kai's new kicks!

my girls LOVE Duplos!

Jonathan was pumped to find Razor scooters on clearance 75% off and we picked up 2 for us! It's our new family activity! You should see Kai on hers - She's a PRO! She's even learning "tricks". Kai and I took ours outside in the hotel parking lot this morning and she looked at me and said, "This is the best day ever, Mom! I can see the whole world." Yep, worth every penny!!

Up and down the halls of the hotel!

The girls slept amazingly! This was Brayce's first time out of the pack n play and slept on a cot like big sissy! I love those things for traveling! (If you have a toddler I recommend them - you can find them at Wal-Mart in the baby section for $25.) The girls were so excited about the path I made on the floor with glow sticks that led to the bathroom. I think they woke up a few times just to be able to walk the path!


Braycee in time out and Kai enjoying the justice system!

We woke up the next morning ready to hit Branson Landing and the Outlets and this is how I found my husband. :( Boo! The stomach bug hit him and he spent the whole day in the hotel in bed! He told us to go ahead and go have fun and shop! So Papa, Nonnie, the girls and I headed to Branson Landing, but first I made my 2nd trip to Target to buy out the pharmacy for him!

Branson Landing:

I love that little shopping area, eventhough they only have a couple stores we actually like going into. It's outside with a great atmosphere, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL on Monday, 70 degrees!

Here's a few pictures to show off the fun family time we had (minus Daddy tho)!!

We went in Build-A-Bear to get the girls a new outfit for their SmallFry bears and ...

Now we have "Hearty" and "Jump".

We LOVE Build-A-Bear!!!
Seriously, how perfect is she?!

Haha, Sorry Lynda! I HAD to put this pic on here! Braycee gave Lynda a smelly surprise...
Tough Decisions when it comes to VB and Plum Crazy!
I ended up getting a wallet and the market tote... It only took me an hour to decide.

The girls LOVE shopping, but were ready to get back to the hotel to SWIM (heated pool!) and have some more fun (after taking a 2 hour nap)!!

my cool kids!

Bed Time Snuggles

This morning we woke up and Jonathan was feeling better so we got ready to head out for some more shopping; hoping to beat the storms (we didn't, which Kairi loved). We found a couple things we just couldn't live without - ha! and had a great time! We got on the road and rode back home in the rain the whole time! Tornado watches in January!?!

All good things must come to an end.

Another fun, successful family-time trip! I am so thankful for all the memories we are creating with the girls. I am thankful for Papa and Nonnie and the time we get to spend with them. They are not only our parents (my in-laws); they are some of our best friends. I love being able to do life with them! And the girls adore them - even to the point where Kai has asked if she could live with them!

What does your family enjoy doing for quality time?

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