Dec 23, 2012

PRESENT in 2013

Every year my friend, Jill over at blog, picks a theme word that she is going to focus on, live out, grow in, and do for the new year.

Last year I was trying to get disciplined in my health, weight loss, and finances. I made some improvements but not as many as I would prefer.

Last year my word was FINISH (link) but this year I am tweaking the focus a bit.

This year I have chosen the word: PRESENT. (Being or existing at this time; now.

This year I want to live in the moment, but with an eternal mindset. I want the things I choose to do or spend time on to matter. I don't want to be so worried about the finish part, but yet the now part. I don't want to miss a moment of my marriage or of motherhood. Kids grow up too fast so I want to be present in what we are doing and make it count. That'll mean putting down my iPhone and Facebook. Being more prepared and organized. And having better time management. Saying yes to my kids more and not so many "just a minutes".

I want to cherish the alone time I have with my husband and be present with him. If that means playing more video games, exercising & running together, or bedroom time - I want to make it count. I want my love to be bigger and intentional.

I can be lazy. Very lazy. I am so fortunate to get to stay home with my children & I don't want to take for granted this time I have with them. I am the biggest influential person in their lives right now. Is what we do together making a difference? Their minds and brains are growing at a rapid pace. This year means not as much iPad & Netflix and more playing, building, reading, and outside time. I will be PRESENT with my kids.

I have to balance staying up late with my husband and being rested for the next day with my girls.

I want to be PRESENT for God's work. Serving at church, Bible studies and small group time, and being out in the community. I want my mind to always be aiming to glorify Him.

I have no idea what this year is going to hold and with recent events its obvious life can change in an instant. All your plans and goals can be destroyed in a single moment. So my plan is to make every moment I can count. By having a positive attitude, being intentional, having a faith focused mind set, and being the best wife, mother and friend I can be. I plan to be PRESENT.


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