Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!!! I always loved Christmas as a kid, but I never knew it would be 1000x better when being the parent! Besides all the added stress and being the one to spend all the money.

Milk & Cookies for Santa.
This may be my new favorite picture of the girls.
This was on Christmas Eve right before bed.

Can we come out yet?!?!
The girls are at such a FUN age!

We spent Christmas morning at our house with just the 4 of us.
The forecast had said we would get lots of snow today. The first thing Kairi did this morning was check outside. She was pretty bummed - we didn't get a single snowflake all day.

The girls played with the presents from Santa first, then opened stockings, then had a few more gifts to open from Mommy & Daddy.
Kairi wasn't so sure about the gifts Santa had brought her at first. She said, "I didn't ask for that!" - Talking about her new Lalaloopsy scooter. But when she realized she could ride the scooter just like her big cousins; she was super happy.
Santa is going to have to pay more attention next year. This almost 4 year old is getting pretty smart!
Pretty girls!! Kai almost 4 & Brayce almost 2
The 3 people that bring the most joy to my life.

We did a Christmas craft after opening presents. The girls really enjoyed this. 
I see a new tradition starting!

Nonnie and Papa came over and brought cinnamon rolls and checked out what Santa had brought the girls. And the girls gave them their presents from us. Then we watched the girls' new movie, Princess & The Popstar. Then we got cozy and warm to head to Papa and Nonnie's house for the day. I'm sure glad they just live down the road.

Nonnie had lunch and desserts made for us - and boy did Jonathan and I stuff ourselves?!
The girls were sooooo excited to get to open more presents.

Mike and Lynda hooked us all up! Jonathan and I had stockings and we hit the jack pot. You did good Lynda! :) I loved everything in my stocking!!!
She had a special gift for me in my stocking this year. She got me a ruby ring with a note in the box that said, "'Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.' Proverbs 31:10 YOU are more precious than rubies." 
How sweet and awesome is that?! What a special ring!
Plus they got us some other fun things - they spoiled all of us this year!

It's a Christmas tradition to stay in our jammies all day. It's so cozy and relaxing!
In my new PINK robe! LOVE it. Thanks Lynda :)

LOOK AT THIS!!! Who needs Santa when you have Nonnie and Papa?!?!
SPOILED and LOVED girls!!!

Another Whitney tradition is Jonathan's cousin Stephanie sends us Arizona Wildcat gifts to do a family "Dirty Santa" game. It is so much fun. And we look forward to this every year!
This year no one was able to be at Mike and Lynda's so we used technology! We had 3 ipads going with FaceTime!! How fun is that?! We opened, stole, and played the game around the ipads. 
Thank you, Stephanie!
The girls even had their Arizona cheerleading outfits on because there was a game tonight. BEARDOWN! We won by 1 point! (A good Christmas gift for Jonathan.)

Jonathan ended up with a huge Wilbur pillow. He says it's his gaming pillow.
The poor girls had nothing to play with at Nonnie and Papa's house! We left around 11:30pm and the toys were overflowing in our car. It really is time to finish the garage to make room and I will have to organize the playroom again.

I am feeling so loved and spoiled. I am so thankful to be surrounded by family that loves us. We gave Banner's bear a few extra hugs today. We sure wish he was here to love on and spoil, too. Today we celebrated Jesus' birthday and our baby Banner was in Heaven today getting to be at the party with the guest of honor! Love and miss my little guy!

Soon we will be traveling for Christmas with my side of the family. The girls will be excited to play with their cousins! I am excited to see my family and get a hug from my mom and dad!

 Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope it was full of blessings and love... and maybe a few presents, too!

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