Nov 11, 2012

Operation: Shoe Box

One of my favorite ways to teach the girls how to give back is in a way that they understand - TOYS!
Operation Christmas Child is an amazing organization that does so much more then I know about. But what I do know is that we get to fill a shoe box, pray for the child that will receive it and try our best to love others the best way we can, like Jesus loves us. Then OCC ships millions of boxes, our 2 included, around the world to some special child that will get a present but more then that learn about Jesus maybe for the first time. This could be the only time that they ever get to hear "Jesus loves you."
I took the girls shopping and let them pick out anything they wanted that would fit in our boxes.
(We did try to follow the guidelines that OCC gave us. Hygiene products, socks, candy, toys, etc.)
They had a blast and really understood that this was for another "little girl" so we can say "we love you."
They begged me to fill these all day, but we wanted to wait for Daddy to come home to help.
All ready!!!!
Kai was extra excited about sparkly clips and socks that had the #3 on them. Just like her (age), she said.
Look at this pile! Will it fit?
Fruit Loop wanted to help, too!
Braycee!!! She was sooooooooo excited!
She said "Heavy!!!!"
This little girl has a heart of GOLD. I asked her who her best friend was and she said, "the little girl. I wish she could come play at my house."
We wrote letters and the girls drew pictures.
Kai drew a picture of the little girl and Jesus.
We talked a lot about how Jesus loves those little girls. And how we should help other people and love them. How we should tell other people how Jesus loves them.
We are praying for those little girls that they can know who Jesus is and know that someone out there in this great big world loves them, too.
Does your family fill shoe boxes? Do your kids get involved?
You can check them out on Facebook, too. Shoe Boxes have to be turned in next week! What are you waiting for?! :)



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  1. how wonderful!!!! thank you for your families example of kindness to others.



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