Nov 6, 2012

I Don't Vote

I wanted to share something about myself. I feel like I have to hide it because it's so against the norm and against what people say is the right thing to do. They call it a privilege, which I agree it is. But I am afraid of what you will think or say about me, but I am not ashamed of my choice. So, here is my 20 seconds of bravery:

I don't vote. 

I am 27 (28 in a few days) and I have never voted in a presidential election.

I told someone today that I didn't vote and I was afraid stones were going to be thrown at me. (Not by her, she is too sweet, but still it was kind of hard to say because I was scared what they would think of me.)

That's why I wanted to write this blog. I am not ashamed of my choice to not vote.

I am not against voting and think it's great that we can. I am glad that my family and friends do. I am glad that in the U.S.A. we still have the opportunity to do so.

I have no interest or knowledge in politics. If I did vote I know which President I would pick this year. But even in saying that I have no idea what he is like or about and have not watched him speak one time. I just have a feeling he'd be a good change. But since I am ignorant in this area I choose not to vote. I don't understand going down a ballet and picking names that I have never heard of to be our leaders. It's like filling out a March Madness bracket. What color do they wear? Where are they from? Their name sounds cool. What is their mascot? What are they ranked? Who's playing against the teams that I like? -- Yes, that's how I fill out my bracket each year. No, I never win.

You can disagree with me (which I'm sure 99% of you will), but I think it's great that you want to vote. Please do. Sometimes we have to choose what's best for us and we will not always agree. And I know people don't understand why I wouldn't want to. I hear it from my best friend who loves all things political and probably reads too many articles about it all and tries to share the info with me all the time. :)

I am not anti-American. I pray for our country, our leaders, the people serving this country, and the citizens. I take courage that God will always be in control.

And don't worry, I know: if you don't vote; you can't complain. I don't complain. :)

So, I am sure most of you disagree with me and my choice in this matter. But I didn't want to hide about it. I am not ashamed of my choice and it just feels good to say it out loud.

Now please don't throw stones at me...

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