Oct 9, 2012

Who Watches Out for You?

The girls and I have been going to the library's story time for almost a year now and I have fallen in love with this program. Once a week we go to hear stories, sing songs, do activities, check out books, and see our friends. 

Today was a special day at story time! Two firefighters from our fire department came to spend time with us during story time. The kids got to try on the boots, helmet, and jacket; even though must of the kids were being too shy to try them on, a few brave ones did. I got Brayce in the boots for about 3 seconds. Her bravery comes in spurts. I asked Kai why she didn't want to try any on and she said, "I don't want to be a fireman." 
One of the firemen put on the gear so the kids could see what a real fireman looks like. The other fireman told us some fire safety tips and answered any questions the kids parents had. 
I hope that I never have to worry about a house fire, but that does not mean my kids and myself shouldn't be prepared. I am practicing with Kai how to dial "822" as she says, we have some work to do. After a few tries she did get it right and said 911. 

The best part was getting to go outside and see the fire truck. 
Not only see the fire truck, but the kids all got to sit inside of it. 
Today made me realize how many "field trips" could be available to us for little to no cost. These field trips can teach the children about real life while having fun. The library in our town offers a lot of different things and I hope to do more things like this with the girls. Even if it is on our own or with our friends.
Who has some good ideas??

Seeing the firemen and hearing them talk, raised a lot of questions for Kairi. She asked me where the fire station was located and we drove by so she could see it. (Do they let you go in and look around?)
As we were driving home Kai said she saw a broken house. Oh!! That's right. I turned around and pulled into the driveway. A house had burned down recently and so we got to talk about the fire. She said the fireman didn't get there in time - smart girl! I told her no one lived in the house so there was no one to call "911" and that's why calling for help is so important. 
BUT my favorite thing she asked, "Mom, fire engines (men) have Jesus in their heart?" I said, 'I think some of them do; what do you think?' Her response, "I want them to. Jesus will always be in our heart."

Yes, little girl. Jesus will always be in our hearts. We want to thank the brave firemen for protecting us from harm. But we do want to give the biggest gratitude to our Heavenly Father who is our ultimate protector. 

PSALM 121:5 "The LORD himself watches over you! The LORD stands beside you as your protective shade."

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