Oct 24, 2012

Make ME Smile

Most people know themselves better than anyone else does, including your mom, best friend and even your spouse. You know what makes you tick, what makes you sad, and what makes you happy.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were talking and decided to make a "MAKE ME SMILE" list. I can't remember where we came up with the idea - my husband said we are just genius and came up with it ourselves.
I think it is because we are HORRIBLE at surprises. We can't keep a secret from each other and we don't like to spend money without asking each other.

What is a make me smile list?
We each created a list of things that our spouse could do or buy to surprise us that would make us smile.
Anything on the list is "approved" and is a guarantee that the other person will be super happy. I am not a girl that likes flowers (except for very rarely). Flowers just die and so I see them as a "waste of money". But the act of giving flowers is not a waste. Our list has items that can be used for: "just because", "I'm sorry", birthdays, Christmas, etc. (Think stocking stuffers! my fav.)

It is so much more fun to receive a gift from the one you love then to go buy it yourself and possibly have buyer's remorse/guilt.

A few things on my list include: colorful socks, fingernail polish, car washed, Vera Bradley anything, pedicure, specific DVDs, mixed tape, shoes, and ice cream treat, etc.

Jonathan's list has lots of biking stuff. (LOL, it's so much more fun to shop for our own stuff! His list is boring.) He also has a couple different DVD, video games, and magazines he would like.

You can fill your list with anything! I tried to put a variety of price ranges and specific items so my husband didn't have to wonder and worry about getting it wrong.

So far he has surprised me with a couple different items and let me tell you - it made me smile! Mission accomplished.

I am thinking about making a list for my kids. Jonathan gave me this idea when he surprised me with one of my items and also surprised Kairi with a movie she loves! We always tell our kids, "maybe Santa will bring it" or "maybe for your birthday." Instead of telling them that, I will add it to their list and when we are able to we can surprise them. But this way the girls will have a list of things for treats and surprises that they want, but also for birthdays and Christmas filled with things I know they would love.

I know it is more important to give then to receive. And I do teach my children that and try to practice it myself. But I also plan on giving to my children and husband. SPOIL THE ONES YOU LOVE. When giving a gift it is more meaningful if it is a gift that the receiver will love, wants, and needs. I learned that from Strawberry Shortcake. 

I was telling my parents about this list idea when we were shopping one day. My mom really liked a shirt and was *hinting to my dad about it. I told them about the list we made and my mom didn't think my dad would go for it. He surprised her and gave her his list without her having to ask him. Way to go, Dad!

I just think this is a fun way to say I LOVE YOU and to spoil the ones we love.

What do you think? Is this something you and your spouse would enjoy? What would go on your "make me smile" list? 


  1. I love reading about your family and the fun things you do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. um..i absolutely LOVE this! great idea! micah def. needs some help in the gift giving dept. we are horrible about surprises, too. i think we need to do this..stat!



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