Oct 11, 2012

10 on 10 ... October 2012

I finally remembered!!! I have been following this amazing blog for about 6 months now and every month (for the past 4 years) she has done a 10 on 10 post. I've been wanting to "steal" this idea for months now and will remember on the 17th or so! lol. This month I put it in my calendar... the only way I remember anything - write it down! 

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month! 
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!} 

So here I go. My first, of hopefully many, 10 on 10's.

I might actually have an internal clock. I fell asleep super early last night and when I woke up this morning it was still dark outside, but knew I should check the clock. Oops! 5:13 am I was supposed to be at the gym, like now! I debated sleeping in & not going for about 5 minutes and decided to go ahead and wake up. Running would be the better choice...
When I got to the parking lot, I noticed NONE of my friends' cars were there. I started to question if it was Wednesday. I saw one of the regulars inside and new I hadn't lost my mind. I got on a treadmill and started walking to warm up. I looked at my phone and had a text, "Went to the gym and decided to head to doughnut shop to hang out. Wanna join?" 
I wasn't for sure if this was a test or not. Was I being Punked to see if I would fail as I would clearly choose to go eat donuts w/ my "workout" buddies? Who cares! LOL, I got off the treadmill after being on it for a whole 90 seconds. I got some pretty crazy stares as I left the gym. And this is how I found my workout buddies.. friends. :)

When I got home from the "gym" and was about to take a shower, my daughter tried to wake up. I told her it was way too early for her to get out of bed (it was around 7 at this time). She said, "I not want to be in bed by myself." I told her to scoot over to daddy's side. "No, I snuggle with you." She then curled up so close to me we were breathing the same air. 
This is how we laid for another hour. 

I figured I'd be in trouble if I didn't come home with goodies for my loves. 
I love being able to spoil the ones I love.
Breakfast is "served".

Imagination at work!!
Kai checked out a book from the library that had a picture of a boat. She decided she wanted to make one too. We got right to work! 
We cut with scissors, used tape, glue, crayons, pipe cleaners, and stickers.
What a fun time we had and it cost us nothing! 

My husband knew just what I needed today... a HUG. 
He surprised his girls with coming home during his lunch hour.
He rode his bicycle and made the 7.5 mile ride home just to give me a hug. (Not to mention the 7.5 miles to get back to work.)
As he would sing, "I would bike 7.5 miles to be the man at your door." Or something like that... he sang the whole song for me. :) 
Added bonus this sweet little moment... Reading the girls a story before naptime. 

Some days are just rough.
I'm not sure what was wrong with my Braycee. Usually, she enjoys an uninterrupted 3 hour nap, but it was just not happening today. Poor baby, had big boo-hoo's. 
I love being able to be there for my children and comfort them. 

One of the joys of being a mom is the endless jewelry we get to wear.

After a stressful morning and a rough naptime, we decided to put some color on and brighten our day! It was time for A-Team at church. 
Color me pretty!

I love being able to serve in my daughter's 3 y/o class. I love to see her learn and everything that is involved in being 3. Brayce's class is right across the hall from us. 
My favorite part is hearing all the kids memorize scripture! I need to count, but Kai has memorized around 10 so far! It makes my heart happy!
Today Mrs. Amanda told the kids the story about when Jesus was 12 and his parents "lost him" because He was at the temple preaching. Later Mrs. Brenda asked the kids while reenacting the story, "Jesus, where are you?" I heard Kai say, "In our hearts!" Right on, girlfriend!!

My 10th of 10 might have been my favorite of the day (and you read how great the others were). I won't go into the details, but tonight I let God use me. And by opening myself up to the Spirit, I was the one blessed. If you hear the whisper, I encourage you not to ignore it. Even when we have to get out of our comfort zone; it is worth it. When God uses us to help others, we are actually the ones blessed. 
By listening and acting on a "small" thing, I began to pray that God will continue to use me for even greater things. I have to be willing and listening. "Be still and know that I am God." What a great reminder!

What a great way to end my day!!! Plus, the coke icee machine was working. Yum!

If you know me at all, then you know I LOVE pictures. So when TheLarsonLingo says she takes 10 pictures to document her 10 on 10. I had to cheat a little bit. I used PicMonkey to create some collages! This is a fun and super easy program. Check it out; it's free.

I want to thank Mel from TheLarsonLingo for having such a creative and fun blog. I stole this idea from her, but hope to give her enough credit. If you like reading blogs, I highly recommend hers. Super fun and cute. She is a working mom, has 3 kids, throws super cute parties, and takes good pictures! 

I am truly enjoying being a part of the blogging community. Thanks readers. :)

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