Sep 10, 2012

Just Do It

7 Day Diet Review
(mostly) Two Thumbs Up
Day 5, 6, & 7

Day 5 arrived. Meat and tomatoes. And that's when it got a little tougher for me. A lot due to the fact it was Saturday. What is it about the weekends where our stomachs turn into bottomless pits and our minds scream at us all day long - EAT EAT EAT!! I did good breakfast and lunch, but attended a wedding that night and ate a salad and some lasagna also had a couple other snacks like a banana and peanut butter. 

Ended up eating 1200 calories and stayed the same on the scale the next day. 
Day 6: I'm not really sure what was listed for today. I think beef and veggies. Obviously I didn't follow the plan. I had juice for breakfast, peanut butter & celery for lunch, and a baked potato for dinner. So still get choices but not on plan. 
Woke up on day 7: the same. 
And on day 7 God rested. And on day 7 - I ate. And ate. Out of embarrassment I will not be sharing what all I had today, but let me tell you 3 things. It was delicious. I will not be stepping on the scale tomorrow and I will not be eating like that again hopefully for awhile. I'm hoping I didn't undue all my progress. I fed all of my cravings today. But I am looking forward to getting back to a "normal" diet and back to counting calories. 

I liked the first 4 days and lost 8 pounds these days. I really started feeling great and I was able to get I to some of my new smaller jeans that I haven't been able to. 
I do like this diet & recommend you TRY it and will repeat it but in my modified way. It will be a 3 to 4 day fruit, veggie, juice combo thing. I don't have a plan of how often I'll be doing this, but very much enjoyed (even through the torture) those first 4 days and the results I can see. 

Do I get to say I "finished" this? Techniquely no, but I am ok with it. I am back into the 150's, like who I am and am happy. 

I was able to drop 8 pounds in 6 (kinda 4) days. Eat veggies. Say NO to myself. Practice discipline and self control. Fight to be healthy. Learn about myself. Struggle. Making healthy decisions. Do this with my husband. Be hungry. Be satisfied. Hopefully shrink my stomach a little bit. Learn I like steamed broccoli & carrots. And fit into my size 8 pants.

Being hungry. Telling myself no. Lack of energy. Being restricted. Being a little moody at times. Feeling guilty when going against the rules. 

Remember health and fitness are a lifestyle. Sure, I have a goal weight that I hope to reach but I will always have to keep making tough decisions (saying no to myself), working hard, learning & growing, and everything else. 2 steps forward 1 step back. Don't give up because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! 

As always I am working on consistency and learning to cook. And hopefully dropping 9 more pounds sooner than later. 

I have to quit looking for motivation and JUST DO IT!!! 

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  1. I'm glad you got such good results. You have more will power than I have! I don't think I could do anything so restrictive. I think your idea of just doing a cleanse every once in awhile with green juices, fruits, and veggies is a healthier idea anyway. I've never read about the 7 day diet you did but I don't understand the reason behind the certain foods per day thing. Seems to me that any diet that restricted calories to so low would result in the same drastic weight loss. Again, congrats on the loss and you look great!



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