Sep 12, 2012


my little SOCCER STAR

Oh how the time flies!! Can't believe my baby girl is 3 1/2 and old enough to play sports!
I am so excited to be a SOCCER MOM.
I am my kids' biggest fan. 
I will always do everything I can to be the best mother I can be to my children. 
Today I count my blessings of MOTHERHOOD.

They're tough and fierce! 
Or maybe just adorable and cute!
Ka's first soccer team! Coached by Daddy!

We must stretch! Let's warm up!

Sissy's little cheerleader! I almost needed a rope to keep her off of the field!
So happy that Daddy is her coach!
I've been waiting for the day for my hubs to coach the kids' games. 
My love for you grows everyday, babe!

Stopping to wave HI to the helicopter overhead.
I loved this moment because it reminded me how little she still is. Sports are fun. This is only a game. And she is still full of the childlike faith and JOY... I hope this always remains.

Put me in COACH! I'm ready to play!
Kai is a timid & shy girl, but I was so proud of her tonight! 
I'm sure a few more games and she'll be throwing elbows and knocking kids over to get the ball! lol

Braycee is giving Sissy tips during half time.
Is it just me or does everyone always have SOOOO much stuff?! 
That's just a mommy thing, right? 


I was in charge of snacks for the game tonight...
I know it's not too fancy & a little 1990's; I used clip art & word art from Microsoft Word! But hey I tried!

Game # 1 = Success!! I'm one proud momma!

I love my little soccer family!!

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