Sep 11, 2012

Friday Night Lights

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE small town Football!
It's so fun to see how the whole community participates and gets excited. All over town you will see Red & Black and lots of G's. The school had a spirit week with dress up days (reminds me of when I was in high school) and Friday night was our town's "big rivalry" - the county bowl. 

There was a BIG chance of rain all day and so I wasn't sure if the girls and I would even get to go, but we dressed up and were ready just in case. The girls kept yelling FOOTBALL all day. A "cold front" came in that day and the weather was perfect football weather. It wasn't too cold, but nice enough for jeans... We were excited.

Mommy w/ her girls! 
my whole world!
Look at my BIG girls!! WOW!
xoxo, he makes my heart flutter

Jonathan was asked by the coaches to be the high school football chaplain this year. He wasn't too sure if he was going to do it, but with some pushing from his wonderful wife, he agreed and said, "Yes". He now is VERY excited to be doing this. His duties are: to pray for the team before each home game, to schedule the dinners to feed the boys before home games, and his name was given out to the team in case they needed anything! He is excited to get involved and hopefully do a great job by making a difference in those boys' lives.
This past Friday was the first home game and we went to the field house before the game to pray for the team!

Kai kept calling Ridgey, Grover! LOL!
Jonathan huddled with the team praying for them!
"God, we know you care about what we care about and tonight we care about football!"

The coaches all complimented Jonathan and his prayer and one even said, "Dang, that's the best one I've ever heard." lol, We got a smile out of that and are very pleased that we are able to live in and serve in this community. 

Before the game we had a wedding rehearsal to go to!
Helping the girls make s'mores.
LOVED this s'mores bar. SOOO cute.
Somebody else loved the s'more bar too!

It wasn't raining so we decided to go over to the game with Jonathan. The girls LOVED every second of it. Even with it being VERY chilly. (I wish I would've listened to Kairi and let her bring her sweatshirt!) It rained a couple times and luckily a friend let us borrow an umbrella. I didn't come very prepared eventhough I knew the forecast! Next time, sweatshirts and an umbrella!
But the girls didn't mind and they were fascinated by the game and the cheerleaders! They clapped and cheered along. 
I was very happy with their behavior and was so proud of them. I love that I am able to take them almost anywhere with me and do not have to worry that they will be uncontrollable. They are sweet, well-mannered, easy-going children. We didn't get home until around 9:30 or 10 but still they did not have one melt down or tear the whole time - just laughs and giggles. We rewarded them with popcorn at the game... Kairi finds JOY in the smallest of things! 
Someone at the game told Jonathan how impressed they were with the girls and how they loved watching them because they were so happy and content and played so well together. And just yesterday I had someone ask me, "Are they always this well behaved?" Let me tell you what, this is one of the best compliments ever. Sure, I love to hear they are cute, but to know they aren't "one of those pastor's kids" makes me smile. --- Now don't get me wrong though - they have their moments! LOL, like yesterday in Old Navy. My, oh my! I don't like those kids' leashes, even disguised in a backpack, but I was finding myself wanting 2 of them! haha! 

We had a fun time and are looking forward to the game this Friday, too!

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