Jul 9, 2012


A couple weeks ago, my Bible study met to try to decide what was next for our book study. We haven't met in a couple months since finishing the last book. A few people suggested a book, one that's had heard of but no decisions were made. Shortly after one of the ladies told me about the book we were going to do next. They wanted something lighter for the summer and the book that was suggested was, "7 an experimental mutiny against excess" by Jen Hatmaker.

I looked it up on Amazon and wasn't quite sure how this book was going to be "lighter". It looked extreme and slightly crazy. I dismissed the idea of reading this book and looked for ways to get out of being a part of the group - for this book. I'm not really sure why I was so against this book other than the fact that I didn't understand it and so dismissed it as "crazy talk".
I said I would buy it on my kindle and not to order me a book bc I was still trying to figure out a way not to read this book until Sunday one of the ladies told me the books were in and she had mine. Great now what do I do? I paid her the money and when I got home 30 minutes later I started reading the book. And I didn't want to stop.
I am so excited about this book and think that there will definitely be life changes made in my life through it. I am excited to see what God is going to do in me during this process. Before I had suggested that we don't do the experiment in full (before i even knew anything about it) but I plan on it. 7 topics 30 days each. I was so ready to get started I finished chapter 1 and started today! We haven't even met as a group to discuss the Bible study plans of this book - that's tonight.
I really have no clue as to why I was so against this book. I knew nothing about it other than the lady sounded crazy and extreme. I mean come on only wearing 7 articles of clothing for a month?! That's impossible and ridiculous! What's the point?!
Well, 7 is all about getting rid of the excess to give God room to move in our lives.
"Jesus, may there be less of me and my junk and more of You and Your kingdom. "
She approaches these 7 topics in her book: food, clothing, shopping, waste, possessions, stress and media.
It is an intentional reduction approached like a FAST to summon God's movement in our lives and to create space for Him.
It is going to touch on so many areas of struggles for us, like greed and ungratefulness. We are going to strip away the junk and be bare before the Lord so He can use us for His purpose.

I am nervous, excited, anxious, and scared about this experiment. I am excited to see how we do this book in our Bible study if we form an accountability group - like the others council , if we do the full experiment, if we shorten the time frame, or if we just discuss the possibilities of how this could change our lives.

I plan on sharing my experiences through my blog And whatever ends up happening, I pray that it's exactly what God wanted to do in me and through me. I'm all in.
Have any of you read this book? Or tried 7 in your life? Even if you haven't, what do you think about the intentional reduction experiment?


  1. YAH for going through this book with you! and I'M SO GLAD YOU couldn't find a way to get out of the Bible study-you know i would have DRAGGED you back in! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I think this book sounds fabulous!! I am definitely going to check it out & I can't wait to see how it impacts your life. I wish I could "double like" this post :D



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