Jul 13, 2012

Man of my Dreams!

My husband wins husband of the year award!! I already knew that but last night confirmed it. :) A few days ago, I mentioned that I could use some sweeping off the ground - aka a date! So he said Thursday it is! And he planned a date for us. 
After I got off work, he picked me up for our surprise date night! We ended up needing to leave earlier for some reason that he wouldn't tell me and so baby-sitting didn't work out. He asked if I cared if it was a "family date". Of course not, I LOVE family dates! :) 
I don't enjoy surprises and he wouldn't tell me a thing!! But it wasn't long before I realized we were on our way to Tulsa! 
Now where were we going in Tulsa.... To the biggest Vera Bradley distributer in Oklahoma. (2nd to the new store in OKC) My husband knew I would need time to touch everything and try things on! I was in heaven! I adore Vera Bradley and have been eyeing a new purse for a couple weeks now! He told me to get whatever I wanted!!! 
 I decided on a couple of things and this was one of my treasures!!! I am spoiled and loved!!!


Next we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant - On The Border. (Yes, we broke 7 and yes it was only day 4... but we are back at it today!) It was a lot of fun. We weren't in a hurry and just enjoyed time as a family. Plus, the waiter was one of the best waiters we've ever had and made the dinner enjoyable. - It's always a bummer when you go to a restaurant and the only thing you can seem to talk about and notice is the waiter messing everything up. Anyways, we shared a burrito and chips w/ queso and the girls ate their meals well also. 

 Next surprise stop -- Old Navy!

We walked over to Old Navy. I love Old Navy for their great clearance prices! I picked a few things for the girls (which I hadn't bought them clothes in what seemed like forever, 2 months. My friend says I'm a shopaholic...) and Jonathan found some new shirts and shorts! And a jacket for vacation! 

Last stop surprise was a treat for all of us!
Cherry Berry!

We had a great date night and came home to watch a little bit of a movie cuddled up under my new VB blanket, but were exhausted and headed to bed soon! 
Oh and did I mention, since I had to work yesterday my hubby was able to stay at home with the girls. Not only did he play with them, he folded all the laundry, put dishes away, cut his hair (that I had been bugging him about) and cleaned the garage! I think he was trying to make me the stay-at-home mom look bad! LOL, just kidding. Wow! Do I appreciate all he does for us!!!! I'm one lucky girl!
I am so in love with my husband and family. My family is my passion and enjoy every bit of being a wife and a mom - the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. Awesome! Family dates can be so fun. Thanks for the share :)

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