Jul 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

If all Friday the 13th's were like today, that'd be ok with me!

What a FUN day!!!

The girls and I started our day by having a play date w/ some sweet friends. The girls had a blast and I had a great time chit chatting w/ the other mommas! Thanks Lynn for having us over; you are so sweet! And even with it being so hot outside, it was very nice in the shade and water! 
The girls are in charge of my social life and I'm ok with that. They have good friends and I like their friends' mommies.

Braycee enjoyed her first ice cream cone today!!
She's had ice cream plenty of times but today she got her very own dip on a cone. No spoon or cup. Yes, I chose blue for her because it was birthday cake flavored but come on, who doesn't love this adorable face?! :)

We were driving home and beside the highway we saw a carnival! It was getting late and we still had a ways to go before getting home but we had to stop and go have some fun!!
We stopped the car and the girls could not stop squealing with excitement! Kai was jumping up and down. We were walking over and she said, "Dad, make me 4... pllleeeeeeaaassseee!!!" I think she was worried we would say she was too little for the rides! Good thing she's tall! 

We walked around the whole carnival and Kai wanted to ride every single one of them. Unfortunately, they were $4 bucks per person per ride! YIKES!!! So we told the girls they could each pick out their favorite one to ride. 

Braycee pointed to the carousal and said "that". Good choice little Braycee! :)

Kai knew as soon as we stopped the car that she wanted to do the ferris wheel!!! 
I begged her to want to ride it with me instead of her daddy. My stomach soon hated me for that decision, but I loved experiencing that with my little best friend. She was fascinated with it!

Moments like these I will never forget... and I will have the pictures to always remind me!

So the whole point of going out of town spur of the moment today was my hubby found a steal of a deal on a hybrid bike for me! He got his road bike last week and has been in love with it but we really want to enjoy family bike rides together so I needed one too. He checked Craig's List today and found this one that was brand new and a great price! As soon as we got home he put it together for me. And I have to say I love it. I will be excited to be able to get out on the road and try it out... not just 5 feet in the garage!

Remember it's the little moments in life that add up to be LIFE. 


  1. what a fun day!!! You're a great mommy!

  2. I LOVE bike riding, it is such a great family activity.



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