Jun 2, 2012

Some Days were Meant to be Spent Outside

Another beautiful day in Oklahoma! Perfect weather to be OUTSIDE! So that's exactly what we did!
First of all, I LOVE Saturdays because my husband gets to stay at home with us, but what is better than a Saturday, a Saturday with NO plans! :) 
We all slept in until 9:30 and then I decided to go for a run/walk to enjoy the outdoors. My wonderful in-laws were coming over to help us with some more projects around the house. Man, I am so grateful for them and their help but more importantly our friendship. Lynda and I worked out front while the boys worked in the back! The girls enjoyed going back and forth "helping" all of us!
We have lived in our house for 4 years and I know this will sound crazy but I'm pretty proud of myself. This is the first time I've ever mowed our yard! WOOHOO!!! :) I knew my husband had a lot of tasks to do out back that would take some time so I wanted to take some stress off of him and HELP. And I have to admit I enjoyed it. 

I mowed the yard, weeded the flower beds, trimmed/lopped the bushes and Lynda and I painted the bench purple, the star blue, and put up a new mailbox and painted it blue as well! I LOVE the fun bright changes to the house!

My parents gave the girls a swingset for Christmas this past year but we never put it together because when Spring came we had intentions of selling the house. Now that we have decided to stay put we decided it was time for the girls to get to enjoy the swing set. Jonathan and Mike did all 1057 steps and got it put together! The girls LOVE their new play area in the back yard! 

I can't say thank you enough to my husband and Mike & Lynda for all the help they do at the house. Making our house a HOME. 

We finished with everything around 5:45 but we were invited last week to a friends' house for an ice cream get together and it started at 5:30. We wanted to go so we hurried and took showers and got changed and headed to Eric & Rachel's to relax and enjoy the evening with friends.

It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and they have a huge backyard.
The boys played bad mitton, football, and baseball and the girls sat around & talked.

The kids all played inside and Kai was LOVING all the dress up clothes! She was Cinderella and Dorothy and didn't even want to come outside to eat ice cream!

My Princess!

My kid is cool! :)

Thank you for having us over to your house, Rachel. We enjoyed tonight playing games, chatting, and relaxing.

This is what I would call a successful Saturday. :)

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