Jun 11, 2012

If you're Happy and you know it...

30 Things: What are the 5 things that make me most happy right now?

1. Jonathan - recently almost every night after the girls go to sleep we spend hours on the couch cuddled up watching Grey's Anatomy. I love our special quality time together. Quality & Quantity :) He makes my heart happy.

 2. Kairi - 3 is such a fun age! I love her imagination and her memory. A recent Kai-ism: "Cars run over Jesus and squish Him like a grape. Jesus in my heart so He be safe." I went to type that after she said it so I could remember it and she said, "you texting him?" Who I asked. "JESUS!" :)  She says, "I loved you first." And if you ask how much, "BIG!" I love her hugs and kisses!

 3. Brayce - Oh I love this girl. She is so funny and happy. She is such a good child and is chill, but ornery. She still doesn't talk very much besides a few words but she cracks me up and she definitely knows what she wants.

4. Being a stay at home mom - I try not to take a single day for granted. I know my girls will be grown all to fast and I enjoy being home with them so much. We have fun together. But I know I must be intentional about my time with them. Loving on them, teaching them, and playing together every chance we have! I know that I am where God has called me to be and I am so happy that I'm able to do this!

5. Summer - I love taking the girls to the pool, going out on the boat with Nonnie & Papa, the sun being out until 9pm, and vacation is coming up. Summer to me is just about being happy and spending time with the ones you love. (As long as I have air conditioning, I stay happy.)


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