Jun 7, 2012

If only I knew what I know now...

30 Things #4 - List 10 things that you would tell your 16 year old self, if you could...

Dear 16 year old KC,

Enjoy high school it goes so quickly, before you know it you will be celebrating your 10 year reunion! And just so you know, your best friends will still be your best friends in 10 years! :)

Be NICE to people. You are not better than anyone else and why do you need to create so many enemies?

DO NOT quit sports. Keep playing basketball and softball!

When you are trying to decide on which college to go to apply to more than 2 colleges. You worked hard for your straight A's to not get many scholarships because you didn't apply until right before the fall semester. Sometimes the things that you are sure you will NEVER do is exactly what you end up doing.

That boy that you just started dating and think is so cute, will only lead to a lot of hurt and scars that will take years to get past.

Save yourself for your future husband. He is worth it and YOU are worth it.

Do not quit youth group and please find your way to stay close to God.

Do not start drinking and partying. Just because you are a teenager doesn't mean that you have to go through this "phase" of partying, being cool, boys, etc... There's so much more to life.

Your parents are not stupid and they only want the best for you. Respect them. Some day you will be a mom and understand the love they have for you.

Love your body. You are not fat!

Some day you are going to regret a lot of the stupid mistakes you made. But know that our God is a God that forgives. You are about to start making many stupid decisions for the next 5 years. One after another. You try to ruin your life, even give up. But know that you are going to make it through. God is going to protect you and keep you from harm. He is going to rescue you from your lost path and you will find your way home. You will learn what unconditional love is.

And then you will find a man that loves you and forgives you - so quit with all the "bad boys". Quit searching so hard to find love in all the wrong places!! You can only find that kind of love in your Heavenly Father and a Godly man... but nice Christian guys are fun, cute and worth dating, and marrying. Don't worry your husband will forgive you. He is not going to make you pay for all the sin in your life. You will have a happy and healthy marriage and 2 beautiful daughters that you adore. Your God and your family are going to be your passion.

So relax. Love God. Love others. Love yourself.

Yours Truly,
27 year old KC

Senior 2003

PROM Junior year
You will turn out to become a photographer. Learn all you can.

Hmm.... I wonder what my 37 year old self will want to tell my 27 year old self...


  1. great post! I know there's lots of decisions I would have made differently too! I loved seeing all your old year book pics, I want to go pull mine out now. We had some very similar hairstyles :)



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