Jun 10, 2012

Boat + Wedding Bells

Who doesn't love Saturdays?! We had a great day! Relaxing and fun filled! We went out on the boat for a few hours and enjoyed a picnic and cruised around. It was very relaxing! And that evening we celebrated our friends' wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and reception! 
We had a great day as a family! 
Here are some pics of our day!

I love our new purple bench! Perfect for my colorful girls!
The love of my life!
The girls having fun!
Kai teaching her sister how to fish!
I love my funny girl!
My handsome Hubby!!
just me
Relaxing family time on the boat!
enjoying a boat ride
My pretty girls!
Family pic! :) Love it, even if Brayce isn't looking.
Brayce throwing a fit bc she doesn't want pictures.
I was determined to take some anyways! :)
Celebrating our 5th anniversary!
I will love this man forever!
at the wedding reception
I LOVE being a mommy!
PLEASE DANCE w/ me! :)
music runs through their veins!
They hear it and they have to dance!
me + you
I love this!! Kai watching the first dance
she is SO my girl! She knows the best part of any wedding!
Boogy Boogy!

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