May 30, 2012

Pool Pass

I am so excited about this summer!!! This is my first summer staying home with the girls and I know I get to all year long now but it's going to be so fun to do things with them during the summer. Especially before it gets to be 120 degrees! :)
I was telling Jonathan & my in-laws last week how I wanted to get pool passes to the city pool for the summer and my father in law talked to the finance leader of the church and was able to surprise each of the pastoral staff's families with family pool passes. I feel so loved & appreciated. And I just want to say a big thank you to our church for such a fun & nice gift. Jonathan loves his job and I love being a pastor's wife at COS. It's been a great 5 years and am looking forward to many more. We won't mind daddy spending all day at work since us girls will be having fun at the pool! :)
So we went this morning and got the passes! And headed to the pool as soon as it opened (at noon). Jonathan was able to take a lunch break and come with us for our first trip to the pool.
Kai didn't know what we were doing so we were able to surprise her and she was so excited when she saw the pool!
The girls had a blast. Kai was able to swim around in her floaty, being pretty independent. And Brayce kept trying to walk everywhere in the water but kept falling over and getting a mouth full of water but she would just laugh and laugh!!!
When we arrived we saw our friends Rachel, Addie, and Payne! Kai and Addie had a lot of fun together.
We stayed for just over an hour which was about all the girls were going to be able to do since they woke up early and were getting sleepy and Jonathan needed to get back to work too.
We enjoyed this beautiful day outside and came and took naps at Nonnie's house! I'm already ready to go back!! That's going to be the great thing about the passes. We will be able to go for a couple hours without feeling like we have to stay all day and get worn out & burnt and go as many days as we want to.
Here are some pictures from our first trip to the pool!


  1. Im super excited about the passes too! I have most fridays off this summer so we plan to go as much as I can handle the girls (alone at the pool!)and I am looking forward to Ronnie taking a long lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, his church days, to take Abby and Melody and Have some one on one time with them. We will make some really great memories

    1. We will have to meet up there!! :) I plan on going as much as possible!



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