May 29, 2012

My Girls!

I have been meaning to take pictures of the girls for months now! We wanted to do their 1 and 3 year old birthday pictures and how horrible are we that we didn't get around to it for 3 months After their birthdays! Maybe that doesn't sound so bad, but being the photographers and having a studio we should've been able to get it done! BUT !!! We did and I was SO happy with the results! I will be ordering them this week to hang in our home! :)
Kai did SO good taking pics. She had never been so cooperative. Smiling and looking at the camera and listening! I was proud of my little model!
Brayce took some work but most 1 year olds do! I bribed her with m&m's and squeaked toys at her! I did get some smiles from her. She would cry and scream if I wanted her and her sister to share a chair!

I love these little girls.

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