May 29, 2012

It's BOAT season

We love living on the lake and we really love that my in-laws have a boat! 
We have so much fun with them out boating! The girls LOVE the water and the boat. They are little lake rats and can't get enough. 

It was busy!!! and windy!! Not a good combination for boating but it was FUN. We enjoyed several hours going around, sitting, swimming, and relaxing!

Here are a few pics from our first trip out on the boat this summer - Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Ready for FUN on the LAKE!!!
We love being silly together!

Our oldest! She's so special to my heart!
Love & Marriage :)
Family pic on the boat - 1st of many this summer!

Umm... Hey hottie!!!
There might be a reason girls were yelling at him!
Papa needs help driving the boat!
Brrrrr!!! My little lake rats!
Lunch on the boat!
I love watching my girls grow up together!
The girls w/ Papa on the boat!
<3 him!
Braycee helping Papa!
Heading back in! Getting relaxed!
Daddy w/ his girls. They got sleepy!


  1. well I think the girls were yelling because of Jonathons bright pink shots!lol And crazy, I dont think I have ever seen you too kiss before. Sooo very unlike our PDA filled life :)

    1. Well we try to kiss once a month. Sometimes if he is lucky twice. :) and you should see his other swim trunks! They are VERY bright too. That's what happens when I get to pick them out.



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