May 29, 2012

Getting Away

I am what you could call a homebody. I like to be at home and am very content with being there. I'm not one that needs to be around a lot of people or that needs to be entertained. Cabin fever doesn't start to kick in until about day 3 and sometimes I can solve that by walking outside to get the mail. 
However, I look forward to and treasure our mini getaways!
Recently we have went on 2! The girls and I traveled to see my family. We were planning to do this this week but baby Jake decided to come last Monday so the girls and I packed up and went down last week. I feel very blessed that I am able to be able to do that. 
This was my first time driving outside of Grove and that long by myself in 6 years! The drive went great and of course the girls were awesome! They are such great travelers! We got there Monday afternoon and stayed through Friday! We helped my mom watch my sister's other 2 boys while she was in the hospital. We didn't do a lot but we spent time with family and got to attend my nieces' softball games. Kai and Brayce loved all the time w/ their cousins, aunts/uncles & Mimi and Pop. But we did miss Daddy very much!
Hi Jake! Our names are Kai & Brayce!
She was a BABY HOG!!!
My sister and her family of boys!
Kai & Lil - 6 months apart in age 
Wouldn't twin girls age 3 be so much fun?!
COUSINS!! All the friends as Kai would say. 8 under 8
Playing Barbies with Kai for the first time. I loved this! 
These Barbies were my moms and my sisters & mine when we were kids!
Watching Katon and Emmy play softball
The girls have so much fun together!
Love these happy kids! :)
And our favorite little getaway place is Branson! We go with my in-laws and love shopping. We swim and jump on the beds in the hotel and then shop the next day ALL day! :) That was no different this trip! We are headed back home as we speak, or as I type I guess you would say! The outlet malls always have such good sales and Lynda and I like visiting the Vera Bradley store. :) 
The girls are good little shoppers and the big boys do good, too! Lol. Jonathan actually enjoys shopping but Mike just tags along and tries to put on a happy face. :) He does good with the torture we put him under!
I love our getaways. Where we can focus 100% on family time and leave any stress or to-do lists and projects for when we get home.

My Family @ Branson Landing
I love this guy!
Brayce picking out an outfit for her Teddy Bear!
She pointed to the Spiderman costume and said "THAT!"
Made Daddy's day! :)
Nonnie, Kai, and Football, Princess Kitty.

Brayce & SpiderTeddy
Kai has been wanting her ears pierced for a year now and today we did it!
Pink flower diamonds!

I love that we are creating memories for the girls and as a family. And I am so thankful for living near family!!! 

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  1. KP has that little jumper outfit too! From Target!! SO CUTE!



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