Apr 20, 2012


Jonathan and I have been wanting to sell our house for awhile now and had plans to put it on the market this spring! But we have also been talking about how we want to get a dog. A few days ago we were texting and we were talking about the dog situation and I said it was going to be hard to find a rent house that allows us to have a dog at all. And he said very true. I said (out of the blue) Unless you don't want to move and you want to pour some money into the house and the back yard to make it nice. His reply "didn't know we were even thinking about that." LOL, women! We change our minds as often as our panties sometimes. 
So we started talking about how we do love our house but we just need to put some TLC into it to make it nice and how we want it. One major problem area for me is the outside. There are too many trees, bugs and wildlife. I do not enjoy the outdoors and well our backyard is very outdoorsy! :) 
Today we got outside and got to work! We mowed the yard, sprayed to kill weeds, spread bug be gone stuff, trimmed the bushes, dug up some bushes that I have hated the whole time we've lived here, power washed the house and deck, and replaced the house water filtration system.
My fingers are still cramping from using the power washer but wow! It looks so nice! I did it to the bench too and it looks brand new! The only thing this cost us was a couple bucks (actually I haven't seen the receipt yet) but a few dollars for the bug and weed killer and the water filter! And I've got a front yard that I can start being proud of. It's going to take a lot more work and effort but this was a great start! It was so fun to work on this together and to actually take care of our house! 
I just got off the phone with a guy about coming to trim our trees and maybe cut down some for us! We will have to see how much something like that costs! BUT we are hoping this is something we can do because there are 13 oak trees that are probably over 100 years old. They are HUGE and wild!
Tomorrow we get to fix the fence and plant some flowers. Mike and Lynda are coming over to help us. Mike and Jonathan with the fence and Lynda and I with the flower beds! I'm so excited!! :)
Jonathan and I were talking and realized that every free chance we get we usually take it to go out of town and go shopping! I am excited to spend some time and energy and put it into our house! 


This might've been a little more fun if the sun was shining and it wasn't 55 degrees outside!
I couldn't believe the dirt and pollen it was getting off of the house and deck!

We took out this silly circle in our yard. I thought I saw a snake.
Turns out I made my husband chop the head off of a lizard!

Kai woke up from her nap and came outside to help us!

After one day of work!

We have a lot more work to do before it's how we want it! But I am so excited to start. I have a HUGE list of home improvements I want for the house! One thing at a time and we're going to start checking them off! 

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