Apr 23, 2012

Soccer Mom... or is there MORE?

What a beautiful day to worship our Father!!!

Some sermon notes...
Check out the sermons online at www.facebook.com/grovecos

Oh just preaching on top of a 5 foot high, 4 inch wide balance beam... 
because he's awesome like that.

HANG ON!!! no no no.... LET GO!!!
This was the funniest illustration! I love my pastor! He knows how to share God's Word in a way that speaks directly to each one of us in the most applicable way.

:P lol I don't know!

Papa and the girls

:) Braycee w/ her Papa

Wow, was it just me or did today's sermon at COS hit me smack in the face?! Anybody else? If you missed it, it will be online later this week. Check out www.facebook.com/grovecos !! 

Some things that really hit home for me:


Let GO of what I think LIFE is all about and what I've been holding on to!
Mike gave a great illustration using a balance beam. Rarely are we that BRAVE in our Christian lives to get up and walk across it/through it. Instead we sit down where it is safe and then lay down and hold on tight and inch along through our life! We live our safe lives, going through the motions and then at the end of it we hope to die in our sleep and when we get to heaven with our great big gymnastic finish we expect God to be clapping for us and give us a perfect 10!  

This life isn't just about being comfortable and happy!
Jesus did not DIE so I could be a Soccer Mom! 
I must go ALL IN and TRUST HIM. 

What are ways I can LET GO?! What is the RISK I need to take? The next BIG STEP? There's MORE to this life!!! 

This really hit home for me because I do love my simple and happy life. I love love love my family and being a mom and wife. My every day life revolves around that. Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE CHRIST! And He is my #1. But that's the point. I have a life to live for Him! 
I must figure out what else He wants from me! I don't think there is anything wrong with being happy and having a family that you love. I think these are good things and true gifts from God. 
But I think I have gotten too comfortable living in my home w/ my yellow sunshine door and thinking being happy is enough to show others who Christ is and what He has done for us!

Some things that maybe God is wanting from me... to grow into my role as "pastor's wife".. to learn to mentor new believers and young couples. To give up the strong desire of having tons of friendships in the church and GIVE to the people and be there to love and support. I need to quit focusing on the "what's in it for me". 
Jonathan and I are going to start mentoring/counseling premarital/newly weds. And I think God has blessed me with a great marriage and teaches & helps us and grows us each day in our marriage. 

I want to have an IMPACT on the people that I come into contact with. I want to have an IMPACT on my extended family and my friends... Facebook friends and the people that read my blog. I want to leave an IMPACT of who our GOD is and how He is the TRUTH and the WAY! 

I have to start using my resources, gifts, and talents - EVERYTHING I DO and HAVE for HIM for His purpose!! I'm not sure in what ways but I at least have to have my heart open for the opportunities that come my way. :)

That's all I have so far... lol. We shall see what God brings my way. If God read my blog I would tell him... "HERE I AM." 

There was so much more to this sermon. Pastor Mike really brought it today and I really encourage you to watch this online (it'll probably be Wednesday when it is uploaded)!!! 

OUR GOD IS SOOOO BIG!! He changes lives. Here's how He changed mine: MY STORY 


  1. KC,
    You're such an inspiration and encouragement! Thank you for this reminder; it's one I need daily. We are blessed to live in an affluent area (tuition per year at the school where I teach is the same as the cost of a year at Central), but it comes with a lot of challenges. I want to be a good wife and mother, but I must always remember that those things are AFTER being a great daughter- one willing to take risks and live the best story for my King!

  2. Wow baby!! God is so good and has blessed us so much, but I am so excited in what he is asking us to "let go" of. You are an amazing amazing wife and and mommy, and I love how we are growing into the pastor and pastors wife that God has called us to be. I couldn't do it without you, and wouldn't want to even try. I love you!



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