Apr 19, 2012

... It gives me WINGS!

My husband always wants to go do 5k races. But me being the more frugal, stick to the budget girl I don't see how paying (minimum) $25 a piece to run around the road is something that we can do very often.  That's a huge reason why we have only done 2 races so far!

However, after running the 5k last month (POST) we were really encouraged to run more and really dive into the local health community. We want to support and encourage health and fitness in our town! So one way that we will be able to do that is support local races!

A friend of ours that we have been working out with told us about a program that helps cover the fees of races in our surrounding area! So we googled it and this sounds like a great program that we will definitely be signing up for! I wanted to spread the word in case you live in this area and would like to sign up too or maybe there is something like this in your area that you never had thought of!

The program is called WINGS and it is supported by the Cherokee Nation. It is a free program that is open to the public (you do not have to be Cherokee or an Indian to be in this). It has a simple application to become a part of this and they support over two dozen or so different races. You preregister for the race, send your form to them and they put a check with it and mail it in for you! That's it!! You show up to your race pick up your registration and t-shirt and you're ready to run!

I think this is so awesome. What a great way to encourage people to get moving -- No Excuses! :)

Here is the link, please go check it out for more information and sign up if you are in this area! Running is such a great way to stay in shape, feel great, and be encouraged! Just start moving! :)

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