Apr 28, 2012


If you were battling something for your whole teenage and adult life wouldn't you want to end it? And as quickly as you could?
Well that's how I have been feeling lately. I have currently lost 65 pounds and have 20 more that I want to lose. I have been working hard but have only lost a couple pounds these past several months. We started going to the gym in March and I tried weight watchers and we have still been running. I started counting my calories 40 days ago and have lost 5 pounds since doing that. I really feel like I have learned a lot of life lessons and lifestyle changes. I don't believe in quick fixes if you don't have the changes set in place that you need. What's the point of liposuction if you're still addicted to food and have 0 activity in your life? The chances of you gaining the weight back has to be pretty high. Well, no I'm not going to do liposuction but I have decided to try the HCG Diet again. 
I did this diet in November and lost 13 pounds. I am going to do it for a few weeks and my goal is to lose 15 pounds, but hopefully 20. Then I will be at my GOAL WEIGHT. And can start living my life in "maintenance" phase and stop worrying about losing the weight. I can just enjoy going to the gym for the mere satisfaction of staying active and being fit. I can go shopping and not worry about how long will these clothes fit me. I can be at a healthy weight range. I am still considered "overweight" and as soon as I lose the 20 pounds I will be in a normal BMI range (barely). I can focus on my goal of learning to cook healthy meals for my family and being active.
So these next few weeks I will keep you up to date on my journey w/ HCG. I will have to be careful with how much I exercise because the diet calls for NO exercise due to the amount of calories I will be eating. I do plan on keeping up with my running though. 
If you have any questions about HCG or concerns about me doing this please just comment or message me and I'd be happy to chat with you!
So Wednesday and Thursday were the "loading" phase. These 2 days are the days you are supposed to stuff your face ALL day long with EVERYTHING fatty and delicious and start with the HCG drops. Well, since I am on NO sweets still that made it a little harder but day 1 looked like this: french toast for breakfast, 2 slices of pizza for lunch, 2 biscuits, a banana w/ OJ for a snack, and a cheeseburger and onion rings for supper. I went to bed feeling full and when I woke up the next day I was SICK. Oh my. That food was too much junk on my stomach. All day I was miserable. I did manage to eat a little bit but no loading for me that day. I had a 2 bowls of cereal, a banana, and a bowl of homemade taco salad for dinner. 
These days I was reminded how "food" aka junk and especially too much of it can harm our bodies and we can not perform to our greatest with not proper fuel.
Friday was the first day of the low calorie diet. It was not too bad. I wasn't hungry but will need to make sure I follow the plan and get the protein I am supposed to. We went out of town that night for a family date night and I was tempted to say Oh, I'll start tomorrow! Because Taco Bueno or On The Border would have been delicious. With a slight weak moment I decided NO! I'm not doing that! Well it paid off... This morning when I weighed I had lost 1.4 pounds. (With this diet you usually lose 1 pound a day.)
Today is day 2 of the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). I am excited to do this not because I don't like eating much but because I am looking forward to my results.

Starting weight: 164.4

Chest: 37
Upper Arm: 11.5
Waist: 33
Gut: 41
Hips: 40.5
Thighs: 24


Well... here I go!!!!

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