Apr 9, 2012


Celebrating Easter Jesus & Family style!!! :)
Hope everyone had a HOPPY EASTER
My Beautiful girls ready for church. 
I have an amazing church but more importantly an AMAZING GOD!!
my family @ COS!
We <3 Easter!!!
my favorite type of family pictures! :)
Being Silly!!!
We took Kai to the park to their egg hunt. On the left is her best friend.
Kai had fun, it was fast tho and she got 3 eggs! But won a hannah montana blanket.
My BIG girl!!!
Ready to watch HOP!
Brayce w/ the Easter Bunny (aka Daddy)
Wish you could hear the screams coming from this picture.
My husband and best friend! Love this guy!!
Easter egg hunt at Nonnie and Papa's!
My sweet Braycee!!
My funny girl! :)
Nonnie, Papa, the girls and their cousins!
Thank you Jesus for dying and conquering death to save us from our sins!!! YOU ARE THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING!!! YOU are a BIG DEAL!!! 
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Story by daddy:  So Kairi and I went and laid down so she could go to sleep, and she kept saying her knee hurt. So I said let's pray for your knee. We prayed to Jesus and we started talking about Jesus in her heart, and then out of nowhere she said, "these two girls, they were sad and crying". I really had no idea where this was going but she continued on, "they were sad because Jesus was behind a big rock. They were sad. And Jesus was put on a cross and they hammered his arms (she started hitting her wrists with her fists) and put a nail in his feet. It makes me sad." I started to smile really big and then she said "I not have a nail in my feet...hehehe" I love that girl.

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